The time was set right again. The only thing mentioned in that elusive present was a conclusive past. Who would knew…

Motions..it all became fragile when motions stopped. Who would knew…

Burning Christmas candlesAnd it began. At first earthquakes sang. This and that – seemed no big deal from the outside. But the inside was squirming with black and gray rainbows – waiting for a way out into the cold air.

The silence of the night became a mystical mixture of misunderstood sounds. A melody began playing out of nowhere carrying a new path to old things. Driven by an unknown force – things we’re sent flying. There was something there…

Words became radio waves…transmissions carrying coded messages. One voice…two closed eyes…three parts of the same deck…

There was a source of light near-by that started to shake. It accompanied the spirits’ whispers about what and when. It was dark outside – but everything shined…reflecting a uniqueness like never seen before.

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