Review: After Hours

I don’t usually go with watching comedies – but exceptions are sometimes good – especially if the movies are a bit older than yourself and are coming from big-hit directors. Scorsese’s After Hours is a twist, a dark trip throughout a night in the possessed Manhattan – where everything good might go wrong without any established reason.

After-Hours-poster-2A tale about a computer programmer who finds himself attracted to the luxurious sinful lifestyle that rises from beyond the night’s darkness.

He meets a young – desirable blonde who will make him look for her. Ending up at her place – he will discover a series of puzzling truths that will soon unfold the movie’s entire uniqueness.

Structured as a adventure without a proper final destination – this film is presenting a world of unimaginable strangeness. Nothing is what it seems – what it should be.

A strange series of actions and characters will fill our protagonist’s cup of wanting to know more. He will become involved in bizarre phenomenon – and he will be mistaken for what he is not.

At the end of the night he will surely want to erase/format all these adventurous phrases from his head – as he ends up at work being all worked-up. But he survives – presented as a theme for what you should do with your spare time.Rosanna Arquette

Starring Griffin Dunne and Rosanna Arquette the movie won the Best Director Award at the 1986 edition of the Cannes Film festival.


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