Symphonious Convectors

Whenever I have a problem (no matter what its nature would be – because all these are interconnected) I tend to escape…or at least try to do so in a place where only aspiring sounds create life. Me and my music…all the genres I enjoy (from digital-electronic to music made on hard instruments) – everything is a piece of my musical puzzle.

Mostly I encourage perfection through melodies that recreate the sound of being know…tracks that make you dance instead of walking on the street. But probably – my favorite thing to do is to get myself lost withing the labyrinth of ambiental closure. Soundtracks from various games or films – which have a grave tone, a bleakness attached, becoming a monstrosity of a melodic beauty. Mikko Tarmia composed this track which is included on the Penumbra Overture’s Original Game Soundtrack. I listened to it hundreds of times – kept the song on repeat week after week. I heart it.


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