Monthly Archives: October 2012

Obsidia – Android

Hardcore sounds at 140bpm.


Music Video: About You by XXYYXX

While I was experimenting with some minimal-electronic music accompanied by official music videos or short clips to exacerbate the messages – I found out about (real name – Marcel Everett) XXYYXX‘s “About You” music video. If I should describe it  – it would be deep, intense, with saturated information and messages beyond comprehension. Of course that you should watch it in order to embrace what I am explaining in here but for the moment, concentrate on the following descriptions.

Directed by Jeff Vash, the video is acutely showing a combination of slow-motion shots in which the story depicts a liaison between music, smoke and the characters that make use of them. Of course we are presented some cute ladies just to introduce us to the second part of the video which gets a little bit creepy – and mashes up reality (for some reason).

The music is uplifting, it is a great song (definitely going up in my favorite list). This would be the second day I keep this song on repeat.


Wii: ZombiU For Wii U

Ubisoft created a first person shooter for the 3DS console in which the player can use various types of weapons and melee attacks to survive the zombie hordes that invaded London. The graphics present a very realistic survival horror game recreating Great Britain under the siege of mindless corpses. Great action involved in this one.