Liquidity Friday @ Electro Mix

This Friday's electronic music mix. Enjoy.


Photography: Sounds

Music is able to calm you down, offer inspiration when the right time comes, relax you in a certain shaky situation, strengthen the human soul when nothing else can do it, oppress evil and fight it, build liaisons with a peaceful mind - and above all - it can be your best friend. We are… Continue reading Photography: Sounds

Photography: Rise and (Sun)Shine

It was pretty cold this morning - autumn is installing its essence upon all that is around here. The Sun is up like always but it has no power to fuel the air with hot rays. Probably in the afternoon everything will change and it will be warmer. The sun shining is one of the… Continue reading Photography: Rise and (Sun)Shine

Photography: Challenge

Expressing one-self is a gateway to playing your own role in society. Different is being accepted only if it is nuanced enough to dissolve all the other traits. Its naturalism is a bonus.