Black Friday: Terrorist Attack In Colorado

I quite don’t know how to begin talking about this. Seems to me that people started to lose their minds, acting with violence just for the love of it, hating every possible thing that exists. And for a few unlucky ones, today was a “Black Friday”.

A mad, crazy person, heavily armed attacked a movie theater in Colorado killing 12 people and injuring 38 others. It was the premiere of the latest Batman movie and fans and not only were excited to see the new film. But regretfully, in the same theater entered this psycho having an AR-15 similar rifle, a shotgun and two Glock handguns. Only thinking about it makes you visualize the image of a terrorist with nothing in mind but to destroy lives.

Before opening fire, he released tear gas to incapacitate the free movement of his potential victims. And then some experienced their traumatized last seconds. The murderer, aged 24 was captured early after that.

If I go through all the text above I clearly see a huge non-sense, something irrelevant, something that should not have happened. 12 people died for nothing, just for the sick amusement of a disturbed mind. And they won’t come back, they won’t get another chance to fulfill their dreams. Such a tragic death.

The only thing that remains is to pray, for their souls and for their broken-hearted families.


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