Aqua Barrier

This is the way I kind of felt these past few days...suffocated - drowning in a familiar space - dealing with persons that changed a lot and not exactly in a right way. The week is almost over - and was tensioned and overwhelming. I'm glad I can finally say goodbye to it. Maybe the… Continue reading Aqua Barrier


Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – Official Trailer

The Silent Hill game series from Konami were appreciated for the originality they showed during the game-play. A grotesque world, apparently invisible for the regular citizen developed in a city where nightmare grew in the shadows of doubt and desperation. Unreal monsters, sacrifices, traps, delusions and depravity - are some of the elements from the… Continue reading Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – Official Trailer

All Alone: Review

"All Alone" is a metaphor for leaving the crowded city and escaping into the nature's welcoming arms. From the very first minute of the film we see that the action can be more fluent somewhere different than a "diseased" urban location. It is an indie film, where lots of dialogue encourage the evolution of the… Continue reading All Alone: Review

Black Friday: Terrorist Attack In Colorado

I quite don't know how to begin talking about this. Seems to me that people started to lose their minds, acting with violence just for the love of it, hating every possible thing that exists. And for a few unlucky ones, today was a "Black Friday". A mad, crazy person, heavily armed attacked a movie… Continue reading Black Friday: Terrorist Attack In Colorado

Silent House Review

Some of the American thrillers/horror films - tend to be remakes of another productions originally written and shot by filmmakers from other countries. You takeĀ  "The Ring" series, "The Grudge" series, even "The Eye" and observe that despite the quality these productions possess - being a remake and not an original story drops its importance… Continue reading Silent House Review