After Life Documentary

Just saw an interesting documentary about how important the process of decay is in the life chain. Forget about stenches, maggots and liquified materials – all of it is a demonstrative part of a natural phenomenon.

Bacteria, mold, fungus and other forms of life benefit from this process. It might seem gross, repulsive to see or smell dead organic material – it is imprinted in our brains in order to protect ourselves from consuming such things – but looking closer to this process – it won’t appear as bad as we think it to be – contrary, we could realize that it’s just a regular consequence of a chemical reaction.

So – next time you smell something dead – think of it as a motif for another life form to prosper. We all know that flies lay their eggs in the dead flesh to build an army of maggots which surprisingly get the role of some important decaying aiders, that mold forms on top of food just to prevent bacteria from developing.

One thing I didn’t knew was that the decaying corpses buried under ground can generate electricity – these can electrify the water in the soil making it easily to be discovered. Therefore – this is a step ahead in solving various cases of murder or discovering unmarked graves.


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