When You Encountered Rain

A powerful storm hit the city today. Accompanied by strong winds, these huge raindrops invaded every possible location. It felt heavy, blocked under tension, restless, cold. But the fresh air and the sounds made it look like a musical piece. It’s a known fact that rain sounds are relaxing and even used in meditation.

Rain has several roles when speaking its symbolism. The main duality of this element is defined by its power to give or to finish life. Our own existence is linked to the water’s proprieties. Living organisms depend on various amounts of water that must exist in their natural or even artificial habitat. On sunny and warm/hot days we need more water/liquids to drink in order to avoid dehydration and when it’s cold we can heat up our body with hot drinks.

But on the other side – a large amount of water, significant one, can destroy everything in its path. Constant heavy rains and floods are the best example of what rain can transform into.

The raindrops were taken as symbols for the angel’s tears but also can represent renewal, emotional instability or acceptance among other things. Just imagine standing in the rain, with your eyes closed, feeling every drop on your skin, breathing slowly while emptying your mind and listening only to the watery tranquility that surrounds you. It’s like the time stops and an intense vibration is coming from the earth below, greeting the agitated liquid drops.

You’ll definitely experiment rain like never before.


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