Bone N Skin – So go tonight

A combination between a disco beat that reminds us of a sweet 1970-something and an electrified melody straight from the definition of a digital musical need. Bone N Skin managed to establish a powerful liaison between these two and make them explode with rhythm. This track is available for free download.


Traditional Pencil Art By Ken Lee

Traditional art has never lost its brightness. Ken Lee alias KLSADAKO manages to create impressive and artistically detailed drawings by using different types of pencils. The majority of his works express the feminine beauty. The lack of warm colors and the presence of the gray nuances give the pictures a melancholic feeling of life. More… Continue reading Traditional Pencil Art By Ken Lee

Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012

Nintendo announced the launch of a new console - the Nintendo 3DS LL. The new device will consist of a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen - larger that it's predecessor by almost 50%. The battery life will be improved to 6.5 hours - allowing the customers to spend more on… Continue reading Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012