Just Planet Earth

Earth. Our planet is such a mysterious place taking into consideration the fact that til now it is the only planet known to man that sustains life. You probably found yourself with your eyes melting in the infinite sky above you, wondering if your race is the only intelligent life form that exists. It is a natural act for man to be curious about existence and his identity – but as we all know – it is impossible for us to have knowledge about everything [at least for the moment].

Last night I assisted a meteor shower – and the way the celestial objects radiated and disappeared was almost like a poem – silent, warm and full of sense. The Universe acts like a mechanism and every part of it has its own role. And since our planet is situated near a Sun, it has a natural satellite – it is protected by the atmosphere and the magnetic field – and I think that it receives a bigger role in the cosmic structure.

Since the times of our ancestors there was a great interest in the space above us and the phenomenons that were happening at great distances in the sky. Now we live in an era of technology and more and more satellites are sent to explore the vast spaces that surround our planet.

The most complex photo of Earth was taken by the Russian satellite Elektro-L No. 1 [121 megapixels] and it reflects the beauty of our natural habitat. The satellite is set to take pictures of Terra every 30 minutes and it is situated 35.000 km above the Pacific Ocean. The video below was created with images from Elektro-L and it depicts the passing of a day. Watching it is like observing one day from your life flying away with amazing speed and makes you wonder how short a human life can be. Short but extremely beautiful.


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