Gaming Sessions: Clive Barker’s Jericho

Clive Barker is a contemporary fantasy/horror author whose works [mostly short stories] have been adapted into films and video-games. Some long time ago I played Undying which told a very interesting story and perfectly combined the fantasy and horror genres. With a rich plot just like Undying but with a unique story-telling method attached was created Jericho [released back in 2007].

Before giving life to the human race, God created in His image the Firstborn – a creature that was neither male nor female, dark nor light and both beautiful and abominable. Disturbed by His creation, God send it into the Abyss – where it would be forgotten. But in the dark, the creature grew stronger and wanted to return in the mortal realm.

The game tells the story of a group of 7 warriors trained in both conventional and occult warfare that are send to stop the release of the Firstborn in the human world.

With a great sense of detail, the plot takes you into a dangerous and unnatural world, filled with evil creatures and unexpected situations.

At certain points in the game you will be offered the possibility of moving from one character to another, a useful way of using everyone’s potential and exploring the characters’ abilities. Each member of the Jericho Squad has a primary and a secondary attack when using a gun and also possesses magical powers.

You start as Captain Devin Ross a psychic healer/rifleman and as the story goes on you’ll end up using all the other members: Simone Cole [paradox initiator], Billie Church [blood mage/ninja warrior], Abigail Black [telekinetic sniper], Paul Rawlings [pistol wielding exorcist], Xavier Jones [seer], Frank Delgado [minigunner/pyromancer].

You enter a corrupted land where you’ll battle various enemies. The tactical element of the game will allow the player to use different strategies to win the battles. Efficiency is the solution, especially when your squad is attacked from various points on the map.

In certain levels you’ll have to press specific keys to complete a scene – which adds more adventure to the story.

If you’re interested you can download a demo of the game. There’s also an Artwork Book offering a perspective upon the character designs, some of the environments and also upon the creatures you encounter in the game.


2 thoughts on “Gaming Sessions: Clive Barker’s Jericho

  1. BornAgainGamer

    I played this quite some time ago but i remember I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can be a bit bleak sometimes and they could have put a bit more work into the environments but some interesting ideas and innovations made it a memorable experience.


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