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Photography: Horror Portrait

Imprisoned, I’ve lost my faith once more

I tried, I let my fear explore

I wasn’t ready, I didn’t knew

Those cold, demonic eyes of you.

The photo belongs to DeviantArt user Syda-Ginger. The little poem was inspired by it.


Creativity Linked To Undemanding Reaction-Time Activities

Psychology was always something that fascinated me, since it consists of the study of the mind – one thing that makes us – as species – evolved from the rest of the life forms.

The human brain – a complex organ that coordinates movement, reasoning, emotions, problem solving and dictates other functions is still unexplored territory for many scientists and psychologists.

This week I happened to read an article about how undemanding reaction-time activities known as mind-wandering are in fact helpful for creativity. Mind wandering was defined as the decoupling of attention from the immediate task context towards unrelated concepts. Everybody experienced this – when drifting away from an action/thought only to realize later that their concentration was drastically diminished.

A study showed that subjects allowed to let their mind explore freely were more creative, using more of their internal data related to their given task. I might consider this just partially true – because having a relaxed mind offers creativity only with already known topics or with simple, repetitive tasks. If you drifted away while reading and you came back to your lecture – I’m sure it felt that you’re consuming those words more easily.

Mind wandering is always guided by various situation in which you happen to be involved. Probably further studies will determine more of the importance of this process and there will be discovered ways of controlling and using it to it’s maximum potential.