High-School Used To Be Different

There are two things that highschool taught me: only your self intuition can help you grow up in a right way and the fact that this period prepares you for meeting different types of people. Some are evil bastards, some are friendly. Some are dangerously weird and some will share parts of your personality.

Studying was always important for those who wanted to have a normal yet fulfilling life. It’s not about being the smartest kid around, knowing information in a wikipedia style…no – it is about being able to use that information in order to solve everyday life problems. Great relationships with others, efficiency and skill expression at work, inner peace and a beautiful way of living. A smart man presents all these.

But recently I’ve stumbled upon cases in which deliberately, a few youngsters won’t accept the idea of being smart but a bully, a retard with no purpose, a left-over individual. What makes me say this? Well, this peasant had the courage to start a fight with a female teacher, stopping her from leaving the classroom and even slapping her in the face. And everybody saw this as an amusement act, something that brings smiles on their faces.

What the fuck…is this some sort of modern self-expression for the rebellious child that I’m not aware of? Probably not…

I might think about it as an isolated incident but I already know it isn’t.


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