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The Chillers – Dead Monster (xKore Remix)



Photography: Red Was Disturbed

While browsing some horror photos on I found this image – and since I have a fondness for the color red, it got my attention.

These blood red nuances tell a story of suspicion. Red is a symbol of powerful feelings like passion, love but also bears notes of darkness since it represents violence. As you can see, what the photo suggests is a cruel attitude reflected with modest intensity.

Also I have a feeling that the subject’s weaknesses are somehow exploited through the acute presence of red.

The Buildzer – I Love U (Official Video)

This is not your everyday music video – since it explains how people tend to act in order to express their personality. But since it is dubstep – plain weird is accepted.

The Buildzer is a Sicilian dnb and dubstep producer. He has been producing music for 10 years and has been working for 7 years in one of the biggest broadcasting companies in Italy that owns Radio 105, Virgin Radio Italy and Radio Montecarlo, as sound engineer.
He produces various kinds of electronic music, mainly dubstep, hip-hop, dnb and breakbeat.