Where’s Spring

Today was a windy day – an extremely pleasant but windy day. Also cold, soft-nuanced and a bit weird enter the description of this day. This was happening in Central Europe. At the same time on the other side of the world, in Tokyo was happening the same thing. Strong winds showing their deformed skills. And spring was supposed to begin already and yet – every day is more cold than the previous one and these gusts won’t cease to travel.

Something is still keeping us from our self-renewal, is offering a natural barricade to make us see that we are not alone in here. I have the feeling that over this period in which the winter played us – something happened. I have the feeling that I am not myself, like I’ve been awaken from a ritualistic sleep. The late coming of the new season could be a chance to look into these few past months and decide what’s worth keeping and what must enter the trash bin. Time for a personality change, to put your skills on the first line. I guess I’ll go use every new start in order to obtain a paradox – making dreams true…


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