This Is My Apocalypse

Since the beginning of this year, one element that I constantly stumbled upon while reading online or talking with friends was the end of the world. 21 december 2012 – the day that ends it all? There are so many theories and discussions around this thing therefore we cannot be sure what to embrace and what to try to dissolve. Specialists from NASA say that a physical extiction is not possible, that the Earth will not be destroyed. And I sense that this isn’t related to a physical condition but to a spiritual one, an inner reflection that could renew or kill the human personality.

At every 13.000 years there’s a shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles and we are the ones to witness it. But it’s all relative – we cannot be certain that the Earth will stop rotating. Planet Nibiru will not destroy our natural habitat, extraterrestrials will not invade us, time probably will not dissapear. The Sun will reach the center of the Galaxy where it is supposed to be a black hole that will consume it – if that happens we will continue living in dark…wait…aren’t we already living in the dark since we are governed by amnesia and we do not remember how we appeared on this planet?

Aren’t we in the dark since we pollute, extinct and kill without reason? Aren’t we in the dark since we are worse than animals sometimes? Aren’t we in the dark since we do not accept change and walk only on the mistake’s path?

Just imagine that something could happen anytime and it could be out of mental possibilities. We won’t understand what is the identity of our reality. We won’t touch the infinite existence.

Think about it.


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