Where’s Spring

Today was a windy day - an extremely pleasant but windy day. Also cold, soft-nuanced and a bit weird enter the description of this day. This was happening in Central Europe. At the same time on the other side of the world, in Tokyo was happening the same thing. Strong winds showing their deformed skills.… Continue reading Where’s Spring


This Is My Apocalypse

Since the beginning of this year, one element that I constantly stumbled upon while reading online or talking with friends was the end of the world. 21 december 2012 - the day that ends it all? There are so many theories and discussions around this thing therefore we cannot be sure what to embrace and… Continue reading This Is My Apocalypse

Haiku: Simple And Expressive

Using a juxtaposition of two ideas along with some sort of cutting word between these can help defining a short form of Japanese poetry called haiku. Born from the desire of expressing the beauty of simple concepts and life notions - this form of writing managed to use the artist's potential in order to create… Continue reading Haiku: Simple And Expressive