Cosplay: Subculture Sense

There’s a period in everyone’s life when they decide what type of personality will they make public – what image will they be associated with. People have interests, hobbies, things they enjoy doing, reading about, practicing – things that represent them. We are all unique and we all have something to fight for.

It is a well-known truth and still there are some that actually don’t agree with the idea. They are always looking to find a way to display their emotional in-activities through complaints and bad behavior. I call them haters.

Not everybody is attracted to science. Not everybody enjoys movies, visual arts, cooking, gaming and so. That’s why people divided into little groups called subcultures – each of them representing something that the individual likes, loves, adores, lives for. Cosplay is one of these things.

At first – people interested in creating a real-life image of their favorite characters from anime, games, movies and other media products – were individuals that kept their interests hidden from the outside wold. They existed only in a virtual realm – where they could share infos and ideas about their passion.

Soon after that, conventions made it possible for them to publicly express their interests. They gather around and show the world what they’ve been up to, what costumes they worked on and what characters from a fictional universe are better represented in reality.

The picture [left] – representing Marvel’s Bishoujo Black Widow – cosplayed by VampBeauty is one of the many examples of why this cosplay phenomenon is having such a success.

Cosplay is about – if you could be a fictional character, which one would suit you best? It isn’t just a physical representation of someone/something – it brings out a new perspective upon the chosen character, way of living, mental attitudes, most likely everything that can be associated with a person, even if fictional.

Characters from manga volumes, mmorpgs, books – they’ve all been created to get someone interested in their stories and existence.

It is the beauty of imagination – offering stories that normally you couldn’t stumble upon. And when you associate it with living it’s miracle – you help creating a world full of beauty.

In cosplaying things can be mixed up, experiments can be done easily, someone could rapidly transform, genders can be swapped. Males can become females and females can become males. But this thing works only if you have “what it takes” – otherwise fail is your definition [no offense]. Cosplayer Ohcandu  gave life to Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead on Saika-Possession’s DeviantArt page.

The character was also displayed through other cosplayers – each helping establishing a unique way of representing it. The costume, the accessories – these are a good starting point if you really want to get into cosplaying.

Besides enjoying a real life “character”, you’ll get in touch with people that share your interest, know what it’s like to be into this thing – you’ll help expanding subcultural values.

Each of the cosplayers out-there has its own view upon this hobby. Some want to be associated with a certain character, some compete for the best outfits, some find cosplay a way of living, but most importantly is that everybody is blocking the outside barriers and go only into one direction – efforts and spirit to share what they love. More and more people open up and go for it. We live in a world where we can no longer be stopped – we are who we are. Let’s be proud of that.

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