Witch And The 100 Soldiers: PS3 Getting Too Many Of These

I recently stumbled upon this title “Witch and the 100 Soldiers” – an RPG due to be released this spring for the PS3 and I wondered who’d buy this game taking into consideration that it looks kinda dumb and childish.

Lots of colors cannot make a game buyable – as an RPG – it should be glowing, not having “cute” witches summoning mini-soldiers.

The anime style used in here doesn’t help – it brings down a unique title. It’s a Japanese game – lots of other things may have helped making it more enjoyable.

Looking at this – this should be a PSP game for your son to play at his 10th birthday. I’ve seen the same mistake in other genres as well. For example lots of fantasy MMORPG that you can play for free have this anime-simplistic style to accompany you. It’s not attractive at all – it’s like more and more games are redirected to 5-year-olds that start exploring fantasy.

A game should be a piece of art – not a please-buy-a-copy-of-this-simple-product.

That’s the problem with J-RPGs – they don’t depict ideas right – going only for linear dialogues and what’s-under-her-skirt moments. I hope there is at least a good story associated with it.


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