Artist Spot: Aurora Stylus

Art comes in many shapes and one thing that is certain to make your heart melt is observing beautiful visual concepts that are immortalized through the artist’s inspiration.

I was browsing on Deviant-Art some manga/anime art and I stumbled upon a work from Aurora Stylus. Well – I was impressed, therefore I checked out some more of her work and then decided to share her story.

If you love fantasy concepts – her drawings will definitely attract you.

Most of the characters depicted are females – having a unique sense of splendor. Aurora sets her subjects into unreal universes making them vivid and attractive.

Because she started drawing at an early age – she had many occasions to experiment and work on her style. I loved mostly the Japanese-influence in her galleries.

Art is about presenting something unusual and Aurora’s drawings are in the middle of that. Each illustration has it’s own story – inspired from the ever-growing fantasy world.

When I was a child I wrote hundreds of fantasy stories – creating a Universe in which I could give life to different characters. Fantasy worlds are probably the greatest thing imagination can offer. And when you put your talent into it – you can do amazing things.

What I loved most in Aurora’s portfolio were the nuances used for each work. Pure colors to accompany the atmosphere of the artwork. And also I was surprised to see the Black Rock Shooter illustration.

You can check more of her work by following these links:

Deviant-Art     –     Chevaleres     –     Arcanasignet


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