5 Fucked Up Movies That Should Change You To A Good Person

[This material is not suitable for minor persons nor the weak-hearted. Read it at your own risk]

Bizarre. Violent. Shocking. Disturbing. And yes – unrealistically faked. This is probably what fucked up, sick movies have to offer. But behind all that blood, guts, foul language and crazy-acting lies a message to viewers: would you be capable of doing something like this, would you be the same after doing it?

Statistically speaking let’s say you’re a normal person trying to have some fun with a visual production. Curiosity permits you to search for good gore names, the most twisted movies you’ll see. You want to experiment something different. You watch the film, you see what it contains – but somehow it induces a large number of messages to you. Would they be evil or good?

It’s all relative. You might just have done a wise thing by opening a dangerous door – the door to you inner self. That is you.

But don’t worry – because you shouldn’t feel evil. Watching these movies will set your story straight. But beware – these are extremes and you will feel different.

1. Irreversible.

What could be more painful than finding out that the person you want to spend your life with was raped by a filthy, soulless man.

Irreversible deals with revenge and the passion for the loved one.

The parts that make this movie eccentric are just the ones to shock and intrigue you. The rape – artificial sex – that makes you go woot, that tells nothing more but pain and embarrassment. I don’t think that a person should do that. The screams, the tears, the suffering – it’s mind blowing and nothing passionate. Rape is evil, rape is agony, rape is murder – a crime against the soul. Nobody should ever deal with this.

2. Antibodies.

A pedophile serial killer plays a mind-twisting game with a police officer. By not giving the proper details in order to help solving a case – he creates a barrier between parts of the mystery and the vital closure brought by truth.

The movie is about harming children, because of lies and because of primary beastly instincts. Deformity of events can lead to tragedies therefore what can be more harmful than acting out without knowing the facts?

I guess evil is indeed a virus – but this movie shows us that it’s crucial to stop it from spreading. We just have to start small – and everything will be defeated.

Bad persons and their punishment comes into play too. While sitting around and thinking of doing something wrong – you should consider that every action leads to a certain type of event – and by rule – good goes with good and bad with it’s partner – bad.

3. Hard Candy.

Oh yes – this is something you definitely have to check out. When an apparently weak and naive little girl meets with a pedophile what would you think it will happen?

Certainly not the pedophile getting castrated – but this movie permits the viewer to deviate from the subject.

It’s all about self-appreciation and knowing how to avoid getting hurt. But the real problem is that children can’t be smart enough to rescue themselves. They see life with innocent eyes – they don’t realize the bad habits – therefore parents should constantly watch over them.

But this movie is about courage and unintentionally medical knowledge – cuz there are certain parts that are disposed of. And don’t let your children watch it.

4. Old Boy.

Old grudges have their sweetness but they only lead to habits that are considered corrupting and injurious. And it’s for your own safety to let go the old problems and conflicts – cuz the expected solutions aren’t the ones you’ll get.

Gossip can kill – this action is so devastating that it could lead man to craziness and instability. Many times I heard shit about me – and sometimes it affected me but most of the times I learned not to give a fuck.

In this movie – you’ll see how bad it is to judge others – because you never know what their response to you might be.

Criminals are also born through bullying and talking non-sense…

5. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

Whatever you do – don’t watch this film. Not because it has no plot and deals with bulimia and you happen to see random people puking – but because mainly it is an emotional confession of a prostitute and just one thing can be said about it.

Prostitution – degradation of femininity and a link to destroying yourself. I don’t judge women who sell their body to survive – I feel only disgust for those who actually take advantage of their situation.

What makes this movie good in all that stupid vomit-gore ecstasy is that the main character – a pretty girl – is depicted as trapped in a filthy ritualistic environment. She has nothing to treasure about her life. The movie isn’t shocking for me – it’s sad. And disgusting – I couldn’t see it entirely…you probably guessed why.

Well – as I was saying – ideas always have multiple faces and nothing is simple. I watched these movies – that for many are shocking and weird – but isn’t reality weird and shocking? We must stop applying bad notions to our daily lives.

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