One Idea Has Always Multiple Perspectives

When I first played Portal – I enjoyed mostly the way I had to think in order to progress. In certain locations, when the impossible struck I wondered if not this is the human’s role in the Universe – to find clues, solve puzzles and problems – to progress.

Life is nothing but a big mystery. We know that we exist, that our bodies are complex systems that have multiple roles, that we are gifted with knowledge and imagination. And still – it seems that we know nothing.

From the beginning of time we had ideas – more exceptional than others. We discovered things, we created things, we invented things. One thing influences the other.

In the modern days, video-games permitted the human nature to explore man-created worlds. Multimedia – a chance to interact with something unreal. But what if this unreal phenomenon is actually part of a reality?

It is a part of reality – but it’s not a creation that will survive by itself – or at least we don’t know that face of it yet. But as I was saying things are related – they interconnect – and using two aspects of the same idea brings life to a new concept.

I never thought that a game like Portal will be immortalized in a musical manner. Seems that ideas always have multiple points of focus.


One thought on “One Idea Has Always Multiple Perspectives

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