Movie: Science Of Sleep

Have you ever considered doing things while you were dreaming, taking care of unfinished projects, getting in contact with someone?

Dreaming is probably the most fascinating thing the human mind can do. While you rest incapacitated – your subconscious offers images of unreal worlds, where all your memories, knowledge and visual recorded data are telling a story.

Stephane Miroux has been confusing the dream world with the reality since we was a child. While dreaming he tries to restore order to a chaotic world – his existence.

He meets Stephanie – and he gets more and more attracted to her. In his dreams, he spends time with her but as much as he tries to get her to love him back – barriers appear.

Science of Sleep is telling a love story in a twisted way. Bits and parts in here, symbols and metaphors there – it seems like nothing is in order. Dreaming makes things become a puzzle – a real vivid one but too hard to solve.

The animated scenes take us to a non-existence place where miracles can happen. You’ll be surprised of how much you’ll like the film.

I always been fascinated by dreams and their content and I must say I’ve had my share of interested utopias while dreaming. I always wanted to find out a way to induce plots into my dreams…I wonder if that is possible.


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