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Cosplay: Subculture Sense

There’s a period in everyone’s life when they decide what type of personality will they make public – what image will they be associated with. People have interests, hobbies, things they enjoy doing, reading about, practicing – things that represent them. We are all unique and we all have something to fight for.

It is a well-known truth and still there are some that actually don’t agree with the idea. They are always looking to find a way to display their emotional in-activities through complaints and bad behavior. I call them haters.

Not everybody is attracted to science. Not everybody enjoys movies, visual arts, cooking, gaming and so. That’s why people divided into little groups called subcultures – each of them representing something that the individual likes, loves, adores, lives for. Cosplay is one of these things.

At first – people interested in creating a real-life image of their favorite characters from anime, games, movies and other media products – were individuals that kept their interests hidden from the outside wold. They existed only in a virtual realm – where they could share infos and ideas about their passion.

Soon after that, conventions made it possible for them to publicly express their interests. They gather around and show the world what they’ve been up to, what costumes they worked on and what characters from a fictional universe are better represented in reality.

The picture [left] – representing Marvel’s Bishoujo Black Widow – cosplayed by VampBeauty is one of the many examples of why this cosplay phenomenon is having such a success.

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Witch And The 100 Soldiers: PS3 Getting Too Many Of These

I recently stumbled upon this title “Witch and the 100 Soldiers” – an RPG due to be released this spring for the PS3 and I wondered who’d buy this game taking into consideration that it looks kinda dumb and childish.

Lots of colors cannot make a game buyable – as an RPG – it should be glowing, not having “cute” witches summoning mini-soldiers.

The anime style used in here doesn’t help – it brings down a unique title. It’s a Japanese game – lots of other things may have helped making it more enjoyable.

Looking at this – this should be a PSP game for your son to play at his 10th birthday. I’ve seen the same mistake in other genres as well. For example lots of fantasy MMORPG that you can play for free have this anime-simplistic style to accompany you. It’s not attractive at all – it’s like more and more games are redirected to 5-year-olds that start exploring fantasy.

A game should be a piece of art – not a please-buy-a-copy-of-this-simple-product.

That’s the problem with J-RPGs – they don’t depict ideas right – going only for linear dialogues and what’s-under-her-skirt moments. I hope there is at least a good story associated with it.

Photography: Natural Captivity

Contrast can mean lots of things – if you’re taking into consideration the two elements that are opposed to each other. Usually these notions are defined by natural and unnatural, white and black, life and death – recreating an eternal battle between the two existential sides.

From the image below we are getting a clue about how someone can enter a world that bleeds out invisible barriers. It is about us – humans and our natural habitat. Let’s embrace both these notions.

This is Sabrina Cichy’s work – a female photographer from Germany. She has an amazing gallery with lots of beautiful themes.

Photography: Static Emotions

What I really find interesting in this picture is the depiction of soft nuances that clearly put a positive aspect upon the model. And yes – the model is gorgeous – I cannot lie.

The picture inspires an emotion, a static one – just like waiting for something good to happen, thinking about the loved one or just enjoying a moment of solitude.

It is a simple glimpse of life but it can tell many stories.

The work belongs to AnnShakti, an Ukrainian artist. For more of her works visit her DeviatArt page.

ACTA: Process Of Depersonalization

I was just reading Google’s announce about their new Privacy Policy – and how it will be collected information about the individual who uses the service (private stuff like phone number or credit card codes) and also information about your own PC, type of hardware. And I was like – shit…son this really is crazy – because I won’t feel secure knowing that somewhere out there someone is constantly monitoring my virtual log-on.

Also – your search terms, the pages you visited, practically every word you type on your keyboard will be stored somewhere for others to see. That’s fucked up because it will annihilate my personality, my most intimate thoughts will be made public.

In that moment I realized once again that ACTA isn’t something I would embrace.

Let’s say that I will search for some Japanese lessons online – and I will spend some time on these sites – someone could and will get me in trouble because I make use of this content and probably they will close down these web pages because they are not authorized to “teach”.

One morning some fucking retard will start saying that he has the right for certain words and that people cannot use them anymore, that languages are private property…and everyone should speak only in their native language.

Connection between people will be dissipated constantly.

Considering the real life, people will demand their rights for certain shapes, colors, materials, activities and so – because you know – it’s all about someone having the supreme right over something. And the thing that annoys me is that ACTA is encouraging this type of mentality.

As bloggers – we will have to suffer most. You won’t wake up in the morning saying – wow I have a great idea about that  and I will write a post. Obviously you will have to pay attention to what phrases do you use, what ideas you encourage – but it will all be in vain because people won’t read it. Why? Because they are afraid to access your site knowing that someone will point at them and say “we know you read this and we want an explanation”.

Say goodbye to your favorite songs on youtube, say goodbye to watching visual productions online, say goodbye to your online social life.

ACTA will exterminate us like Hitler did with the Jews.

Artist Spot: Aurora Stylus

Art comes in many shapes and one thing that is certain to make your heart melt is observing beautiful visual concepts that are immortalized through the artist’s inspiration.

I was browsing on Deviant-Art some manga/anime art and I stumbled upon a work from Aurora Stylus. Well – I was impressed, therefore I checked out some more of her work and then decided to share her story.

If you love fantasy concepts – her drawings will definitely attract you.

Most of the characters depicted are females – having a unique sense of splendor. Aurora sets her subjects into unreal universes making them vivid and attractive.

Because she started drawing at an early age – she had many occasions to experiment and work on her style. I loved mostly the Japanese-influence in her galleries.

Art is about presenting something unusual and Aurora’s drawings are in the middle of that. Each illustration has it’s own story – inspired from the ever-growing fantasy world.

When I was a child I wrote hundreds of fantasy stories – creating a Universe in which I could give life to different characters. Fantasy worlds are probably the greatest thing imagination can offer. And when you put your talent into it – you can do amazing things.

What I loved most in Aurora’s portfolio were the nuances used for each work. Pure colors to accompany the atmosphere of the artwork. And also I was surprised to see the Black Rock Shooter illustration.

You can check more of her work by following these links:

Deviant-Art     –     Chevaleres     –     Arcanasignet