Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It

There is a strange thing going on…and I don’t know what might be the cause of it.

For some time now – I’ve been seeing something – I had a constant interaction with the number 13. 13 in here, 13 in there, by looking at the clock, in different places – it just pops into my sight. I just liked a page about a movie earlier – and after clicking the button I was registered as the 13th person to do so. I just realized it just after that…

I know life isn’t as simple as we perceive it and there are always things related to us that we will never know. Driven by curiosity I wanted to know about the number I encounter every day. I know that others might see that number often as well, but in my case – I do it repeatedly.

I started to think that somethings is wrong – but if I think about it – maybe it’s just a code or something.

Life’s a logic game. Everything has a dual existence and we don’t have monkeys as ancestors. We have a purpose and we are here to play our part in this game.

So – 13 – has also a dual significance. Everything is shaped as being good and evil. The world was just created like that and God let freedom between the two of them.

The number 13 receives both good and evil symbols in interpretation.

13 is a prime number, divisible only by itself – standing as an independent notion. It is unique and combines elements from other numbers like “1”, “3” or “4” [1+3].

It is said that this number brings the test, the suffering and the death. Christians say that this number is a representation of the Last Supper, formed by thirteen people. The number led to a tragedy – to death. Thirteen is also associated with the devil, the beast. The 13th Tarot Card is Death.

In the calendar year there are 13 Moons and the interpretation of this deals with mystery, emotions and magical existence. We see that 13 is an anomaly. If we take the cycle of time considered as being 12 [the circle is complete after 12 hours], than 13 is the one that restarts everything. Renewal, a new path.

The Mayas believed that the time is divided into several cycles.

According to them we are living in a cycle which possibly began on August 13, 3114 before Jesus Christ and will end on December 22, 2012. The given date corresponds to the fifth and last cycle of the Earth which will generate the destruction of the world.

Is it really true that this is a sign that something bad will happen? In history, this number was associated many times with bad things.

On a Friday 13th in 1307, the assembly of the Knights Templar were assassinated.

The New York Times wrote on January 13, 1968 an article about the suicide song which is a sad song composed over the loss of love. And examples can continue.

I wonder if there is something greater expecting us and if this life it’s just offering us clues about an absolute realm. The mystery of existence – when will we decipher it? And more importantly – if things aren’t random – why do I keep seeing the number?

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68 thoughts on “Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It

  1. nekosreview says:

    try watching the movie ‘number 23′, Jim carrey said he sees that number everywhere. I usually see the number 25 everywhere.

  2. oslo says:

    I have been seeing number 13 all my life. Its been almost 10 years that I have started to see it. Finally I deciphered what it was. It was related to mother Mary and her purity. That purity resided inside me. It was nothing harmful. I have just known the fact and the thing is that I will keep on seeing it unless I become a mother.

    • Val says:

      Thank you for this ….I have constantly on a daily basis been seeing 13 everywhere is too strange to be a coincidence

  3. Dee says:

    Hi…..I also have been seeing the number 13 for the past 6months, but I don’t believe it’s a bad omen I think it’s a sign that good things are coming are way. I have also been getting goose bumps all over body….like an electric charge. I believe it’s all good….,,13 is a lucky number.

  4. Zinzi says:

    Hi, I have been seeing number 13 for more than a month now and it was my curiosity that lead me to this page. I always thought it was a good sign and I believe the part where the number also means ‘a new path.’ For now, a renewal is all I need and I take it a sign.

    • Gratian says: be honest..I must approve with you about the new path thing…13 lead me to a huge change in my as all this time there but I didn’t knew it was…13 it’s not about back’s nothing bad at all..but purely good and efficient.

  5. Rajesh says:

    I have been seeing no 13 repeatedly over the past 2 months……actually i am in heavy losses in business… Not known to my well wishers….since past may years….. Currently i am in deep pressure from my private lenders…. Who are behind me. I do not whether this is a new beginning or an end. All my friends and relatives have backed out and not supporting me.

    • Sabrina says:

      Just like you, I keep seeing the number 13 too. It has been more or less than a year now since I started to notice that I keep seeing number 13. At first I thought that it’s a bad thing but nothing bad has happened to me. In fact, my life has seemingly improved. Maybe you should be more positive about things. Don’t give up. Maybe it’s a sign for you to be able to see the people who are willing to be there for you no matter what.

  6. ryn says:

    I have been seeing the number 13 for 18years. I used to get mad. I once punched a microwave with a clock on it so hard that it shattered it. I have woke up at night 4 and 5 times every time to see the clock at :13 after the hour. I have been expecting something bad to happen for 18yrs. I finally gave up. of course good and bad things have happened over 18 yrs. When I look back anything bad was my own fault and the good was from God’s mercy on my soul. And I continue to see it. So I don’t know what to make of it.

    • oslo says:

      Same thing has happened to me.

      • Yagga says:

        I’ve been seeing it for the last two months now, it’s getting in my nerves, I’m actually speaking out loud now, I groan ” for god sake” maybe the wrong interpretation, but it annoying I’m seton it at least five time a day…. It’s nice to know in not actually going mad!!!! And there are other 13 spotters out there, Good new beginnings I hope or is or a new friend on my shoulder 😆

      • Gratian says:

        13 was for me a lucky number..I accepted its existence. Bless you.

    • Solz says:

      Hey Ryn. You need to calm yourself and wait for the manifestation…accept your current status..whatever it has been for those 18 years…The spirits are around and have taken keen interest in you…i have seen the same number for some years too. maybe we can chat via email.

  7. Solz says:

    Hey: i had the same issue since i was young, the number 13 is a very unique and controversial number. it took me some time and thinking to figure it out..
    simply, be careful make your decision keenly, danger zone. you will also keep seeing the number 11 12 or 14 and 15. the spirits are close take counsel and be very care full each time you see that number…..

  8. Duran lewis says:

    I believe its a new begining, i too have also seen this number 13 very often and i will soon find out if its my lucky number. Even though i strongly believe its a sign of a break through in my life.

  9. dana says:

    I see the number 13 all the time. Clocks the most.

    • Duran lewis says:

      Trust me Dana for me it was a break true in my life and i hope that your seeing the numbers13 for the same reason as i was. Only good things have been happening for me ever since i started seeing number 13.

  10. angela says:

    I’v been seeing 13 for over 2 years now, and nothing much has gone right in my life in that time! No work, no friends, no boyfriend, and running out of money! I’m now having to sell my house and leave. I’m hoping THIS is the part that the number 13 means something good, an end of one life and the start of a new and exciting one! I’m going overseas and looking at investing in property, lets hope it all works out! I’m still vary weary about the number 13, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t mean some kind of destruction and instead it’s a sign that you need to stop what you’re doing and do something completely different! Time for a huge change because whatever it is you’re doing right now just will not work or go any further. Certainly that is exactly what has lead -me- to leaving!!

    • truesafe says:

      Hi all I’m here with you. Angela I started seeing 13 when I was about 38,now I’m 46. I was on my way to lay down 4 the night and well I looked at the clock and of course it was 11:13, no surprise..its always 13, get up in the morning its5,6,7,8 whatever 13.wake in the middle of night 13 95% of the time…I’v gotten to the point if it is not 13 on the clock when I look I wonder why. I bought a home as an investment..the address 1307…my parents home growing up 1301…my first new home ..well 2yrs old my ex wife and I fell in love with 1308. when I pay with cash its always $–.13 or my change is 13 cents..every time I look at my truck clock or anyones car clock or phone 13. I’v tried to explain this to others if they say anything its that i’m looking for it Well my argument is I don’t even think about it until I see it I am not looking 4 it!!! it doesent scare me I just wish I knew what the hell is going on. well im going to stop writing because im sleepy and I just checked its 12:13. anyone who has a honest answer of whats happening to us please write. I honestly think it means that we need to change in some way.

  11. ryn says:

    Ok, It is not related to anything good. I just pieces this together. I have been in my current job for 12 years. great job traveling the world. The entire time on this job for 12 years I have been seeing 13 on clocks all over the world from singapore to Japan, Greece etc. now this would be the 13th year on the job for me. except I am losing my job thanks to the current people in office cutting %50 of the Defense budget. thank you very much. it means something bad. guranteed.

    • maci says:

      The number itself doesn’t particularly mean bad things, rather number can appear to us like signs. That was most definitely a warning from the universe/ the Fates, whatever you prefer. Yes something bad happened, maybe because you didn’t heed or notice the warning . In my opinion that was a heads up or maybe you are in tune with some major things in your future. Don’t think of it as a nurse, but as a guide. Negativities from the number MOST often happen as a result of bias (Christianity) or from fabrication (Friday 13).
      Good luck

  12. Natalia says:

    I never knew how many people saw the number 13. It had followed me since my aunt passed away on August 13th and I shared a room with her that night she passed in her sleep. It’s never been negative for me except for that. I would consider myself a pretty intuitive person and every time I see it I feel delight in my heart. Times are changing fast and drastically for the good and I’ve been seeing 13 more frequently as time goes on. So keep faith. It’s not a bad thing. <3

  13. mark says:

    I always seem to check the time on my phone and in my car just as it hits 13:13 for a few years now. Even when i don’t want to check the time i will glance at it. I’m not a religious person and i am quite skeptical when it comes to spiritual things. i really do think that it is a sub conscience thing in our minds. I told this to a friend of mine and he always seems to see 22.22 its almost like a form of O.C.D nothing magical or spiritual about it, our minds dwell on these things without us even realizing it, especially with the number 13 as it is quite a significant number in our minds due to human history of the number and urban myths.

  14. Rosiella says:

    Im confused…i see number 13 everywhere not only that even 31 and 18 but moslty 13. It weird but i was born in 13 of august too. Am confused i just dont get this at all. Im trying not let it bother me but everytime i do the number have to appear as if trying to make me never forget….this all started recently (new year 2013 started). What does the number 13 exactly trying to tell me?

    • maci says:

      I see 13 everywhere, and I see 18 with it like 18 is related to it. Its interesting to see someone else sees 18 with it too.
      1 could represent wholeness, absolute purity, 100%. In our universe everything is here because of its wavelength of possibility of being here. They know that because of quantum mechanics. Nothing is certainly here or complete; you can be 99.9999% sure but never 100%. This is a theme in the universe, and I gather from this that 1 is something that can in a way never be achieved, not in this universe. Even infinity is always striving to grow and get larger, never reaching its maximum. The circular nature of everything keeps us in a cycle so that we can always grow or die, but not just exist like the oneness of God or a universal presence might. This also explains is a way why you can never really have a true 1/3. The 3’s keep on repeating, yet when you multiply by 3 you get .9999 repeating but not 1. Yes, yes I know that on paper 1/3 * 3 = 1, but in reality there is an infinitely small missing piece.
      Its possible that the 13 and 18 represent wholeness (1) compared to an incomplete infinity (3) then the completion. (8) resembling infinity symbol

  15. maci says:

    Its comforting to know I’m not alone in seeing 13’s all the time. For me, 13 has followed me my entire life. All three of my names start with the letter M (13th letter). My first and middle name consist of 13 letters. I just so happened to have graduated high school class of 2013. I met my boyfriend to-be husband on Friday, Jan 13.
    When I met Andrew was when I really started to notice it. It isnt just part of my identity; I see the number nearly everywhere I go. It happens so much, it seems like i turn around and the number is laughing in my face, haunting me, like it’s a presence almost. On any clock, license plate, placement by chance, song time on the radio, spedometer, microwave etc. it is very likely to be there. I don’t look even look for it or anything!!
    When I see 13 it is often accompanied by a 1 or 1’s. I’ll see anything like 11:13, 11:31, 1:31, 1:13, 3:13, 111311331, 143 (=11*13, numerology 1+3=4)1367003113
    You get the idea, ones and three a are everywhere! Thirteen being the most prevalent.

    I’ve wondered and “asked” what it means, but I believe that its meaning will come to me someday, in form of a code or important clue for something, or a hint towards a mystery. While that could be far fetched, I’ve been worn out of my skepticism as the number 13 seems to scream for my attention. Whatever it may be, the overall experience is teaching me to be patient and perceptive.
    Nowadays I’ll just see it and laugh, sometimes not even react because its such a normal thing.
    It could be that people like us attract or are tune in to a frequency or wavelength that plays a part in our identities. As 13 is odd, prime, symbolic of death and rebirth, new age, and occurs in history in either miraculous or terrible events it seems, I think there are way too many biased meanings that have tainted society’s perception of the number. For example 13 and especially Friday 13 is sacred to the pagan goddess Fria, but the Christians have pushed a bad feeling towards the number because they tend to be closed minded towards other cultures. As a result, Americans fear omens or think evilly of 13.

    I think there is nothing wrong with the number and its meaning is unique to me, its unique to you. I am just waiting for the next sign from a higher consciousness

    • Jayne Rome says:

      Growing up I always remember my mum hated the number 13 to the point of being obsessed with it.She died on Friday 13th and from that day, 13 has been in my everyday life, from clocks times, number plates and so on and one day a raffle ticket flew past me with the number 13 on it.I have just purchased some land and have now found out my house number is going to be number 13.People who believe in Angels say 13 means that Angels are protecting me.I also heard that 13 represents new beginnings.

  16. zee infinity says:

    12 Jurors 1 Judge, 12 Deciples 1 Jesus, lil wayne 6 foot 7 foot = 13, the 49’ers=13, the 76’ers=13, america was founded by 13 colonies, mcdonalds sign is a sideways number13, osiris was cut into 13 parts when he was murdered, i could literally do this all day long…They tried to keep it from you and used it to build your reality because of its manifestation properties. Get Anything You need With 13Love

  17. zee infinity says:

    And Today Is The 13th Go Figure…

  18. Gratian says:

    I actually ended up thinking it has no meaning at isn’t a form of isn’t a negative’s just a random number that is quite used everywhere. Everyday..I see this number more than any of the others. I got used to it. it doesn’t bother me anymore.

  19. I have the same problem I keep seeing 13 everywhere I wonder why is that

  20. Leo says:

    I was seen the number 13 evrytime I had to check the time. even in the mid of the night this number was there. My grandmother died last week in the day 13th and year 2013. I’m here trying to find an answers like all of you…

  21. ryn says:

    It’s not negative. just took time to manifest. just wait it out. Can take quite awhile. patience is the key. Extreme life changing events have taking place towards the positive for me. Financial security presented itself. 18 years. still seeing it. now it does not have any affect on my emotions negative or positive. same thing on the clocks. everyday and every night. :13.

  22. katrena says:

    I also see the no 13 but only for the past 2 months or more. it didn’t occur 2 me at first until I almost started seeing it constantly. for example yesterday was Fri 13th and I was buying a gift for my niece which caught my eye that of course turned out 2 be £13. Not sure what to think I’m not someone 2 over analyze but I just find this weird its always poping up..

  23. Mhing says:

    I have also experience with the number 13. Every time I see the clock, 13 minutes is observed. I want to share something, I went to KSA April 13, but sad to say I have a bad experienced with my Employment, for the second timer I’m coming back of the same place, August 13, the same happened to me. It got worsted, but I ignored it and try to think it is only coincident, I came back again for the third time, and I pay for my agency with 13,000 to precessed my documents back to KSA, but again came to worst. I still ignored and try again to other country, I went to UAE anyway I found a good job. I stay in the flat apartment with the flat number 113, but I have again bad experienced. I lost a lot of money with the unexpected expenses and always short of money.. I pay with the flat 25,000 dhs. aside from my regular payment. a lot of money unexpected expenses that makes me trouble. So i decided to transfer for another flat and I hope this time will will be O key.

  24. Cody says:

    i’m going on three years now, like somebody mentioned before, if I DON’T see 13, I kinda freak out… I see 18 also quite often now that somebody else mentioned it..weird. but check this out.. I choose 13 as the mega millions red ball and won! a whopping $5 but I did tell all my friends “when the powerball is 13, i’m gonna win”. and last month just before it went up to $400 million, i gotz me a piece of that action…whoop..whoop!! 13!!

  25. Saif A says:

    Hello , I’ve been seeing number 13 or number 31 most of the time,for the past 5 years or so. And I don’t know what it means, I see it everywhere, clock minutes/seconds, seat number, addresses etc etc. Not a single day pass that I don’t see number 13 or 31 or both at once. I’ve heard that number 13 is unlucky.

  26. Marina says:

    I also see the nmber 13 ALOT and i thought it was just coincidence. but its not. i have started seeing a crow in my back yard over and over again for days. i know its the same crow because it is carrying the exact same thing all the time. At the moment i am 13 years old. I am a christian and i believe that what happens to us is for a reason and so is this. anyone who has any ideas please tell us

    • ryan says:

      yes. satan is attacking you. wanting you to believe it is bad and you are doomed. You want it to go away. This is what I did. every time you see it. Just say “Thank Jesus for dying for me on the cross. Jesus is Lord”.. don’t forget the last par. Satan hates to hear this. You will stop seeing the number very quickly. because instead of being mad whenever I saw 13 I rather enjoyed being able to than God for it. Very soon all the 13’s and I mean I would wake up 7 or 8x at night to :13 became :12, :14, etc. gone. every once in awhile I will see it. and It does not bother me at all anymore. God Bless. God really loves your for professing your Christianity.

  27. Ana says:

    I have also been seeing the number 13 everywhere: on the clock mostly, and in many other ways. It started in 2012, when I was recovering from the end of a relationship of 9 years. It got to a point where I thought it was probably related to the new year (2013) and that something would happen. But it didn’t, except the fact that I lost my job and that I started a new relationship that soon came to an end: nothing new for me though, as my life has been going downhill since about 2009.

    During a time when I was happy with that relationship, it stopped for a while, I wasn’t seeing the number everywhere anymore. But last month it came back and it seriously drives me crazy.

    I too wonder why this is. I know I’m not getting any answers but at least I’m glad I googled it and found this page.

  28. IggyDamnBeatz says:

    I was born Friday, September 13th 1991 at 1:01 (13:01). I was shocked when I seen this page. Today I was washing my car and noticed that my almost 2 year old college sticker and the number written on it. 1444 (1+4+4+4=13). It really got to me because I failed at college. I was studying audio production. My passion is music. I guess me leaving the sticker on my car was me holding on to something that still feels right but it came off today. The number has been with me so long we should have children by now. I’ve grown used to the number but the sticker today bothered me enough to get out of bed and Google my situation. To me the sign of my failing college was there before I parked my car the first day. I see no good in the number but its nice to know some do and that I’m not the only one that the number haunts. I have seen the number since I was old enough to notice. I would like to talk with someone that can relate the number to their birth like me.

  29. Drago Grbic says:

    Hi. I just google “why do I keep seeing number 13″ and I found you. Every where I look I see 13. Every time I look at my watch I see 13. If not 13 minutes then it’s 13 seconds. Even the other day when I went to a restaurant my order was 113. It started about 2 years ago I started waking up every night to see it was 3:13 in the morning. For the past two years it just got more and more frequent. For some reason I believe with every ounce of my body that it is a positive thing. I think universe is sending me number 13 coz something good is going to happen. I can’t explain but I feel good about it.

    • truesafe says:

      the strangest thing for me….is the waking up at 2;13 every night. the rest I can sort of agree with others that seeing it in tons of other places might just be me sort of looking for it or noticing it. even though I see it everyware. and the fact that I have proof in the form of every paper receipt I get that’s either $13 or 13 well as every address iv had has had a 13 in it including where I grew up and every house iv purchased. all that said when I wake up at night 2;13 or in the morning and its always something 13… it just doesn’t seem normal. But i,m with you Im going just going to make it my lucky number

      • Hi to all wondering what the number #13 is all about. Hopefully this can shine some or little light on most who is wondering what seeing the 13th minute means this is my experience;

        You are in luck and it is your lucky day if you do see this number all the time. You must be a God fearing person. You see you are not normal you get to see the future but somehow you have to hone in to the real reason why you are seeing it. It the #13 tells you ahead of time that there is something going on and you need to know and if it really is important it will keep bugging you to a point that it will spook the heck out of you. But then again sometimes if you are naive enough to not care it will come to pass.

        Lets say for example you are suppose to sleep early for work tomorrow and you start at 4AM in the morning and you are still goofing off past you normal sleep hour. You will now check the clock and happens to see your favorite minute #13 and please do not be alarmed it is a friendly reminder that if you keep this up you are not going to like the results tomorrow which hences the number #13 meaning you are going to be late, usually just timing wise nothing disastrous so don’t be afraid God is with you and me and all.

        #13 is your best friend its your Guardian Angel, instead of talking to you it relates to you through numbers and clocks so if you keep seeing it, it means you have to pay attention and set your priorities right and to be careful if you are driving or walking whichever your current task is by all means be cautious of your surroundings and last but not least don’t be naive. One last reminder to always pray to our Lord God for guidance over us and protect us from all evil, Amen.

  30. Ady says:

    I too am seeing number 13 from a long time , whenever my battery’s down its 13% , I have to take a change I get 13 , I wake up in the middle of night accidently check my clock :13 , sometimes It freaks me out , it’s not like I seek forth that number but it occurs .. Is it because of some spiritual energy trying to tell me something or because I am more concious about number 13

  31. Chen says:

    Hi guys, i too, happen most of my time. like everyhour when i look at my phone. i see 9.13, 10.13, 11,13, 12,13 , 13:13 etc. and everytime i woke up i see 13. my first love haha also feb 13. and i almost got 4D Prisent in 4D number at singapore. all i put is. 1331. 1322. 1304.
    and that time i almost got it all. just diff 1 number each like 1330. 1326.1310. my birthday is 10 oct. i believe that the world is telling me that 13 is not my unlucky number. we must believe that. coz i almost win the 4D toto number. i know it’s freakin strange. and nobody can explain it why, how. i already see it for almost 9 years. since high school. actually i scared about it. and almost every month in 13th i got problems. and almost 13th each month i got luck.

    it happen to me once. i was avoiding the number. from my phone clock or computer. so i try to read book, and i ignoring the phone coz of afraid of the number. and the result is. the more i afraid and avoid the number. it still happen and never go away.
    and almost everytime i go out or going anywhere i see 13. its not coincidence. till i see this. i start searching what is the meaning of 13?

    click this link

    it terrified me. but what can i do?
    can some1 explain??? actually i start to avoid thinking about it last year. coz i think it just number. but today i see the link. i started to scare and care why 13?

    • Hi to all wondering what the number #13 is all about. Hopefully this can shine some or little light on most who is wondering what seeing the 13th minute means this is my experience;

      You are in luck and it is your lucky day if you do see this number all the time. You must be a God fearing person. You see you are not normal you get to see the future but somehow you have to hone in to the real reason why you are seeing it. It the #13 tells you ahead of time that there is something going on and you need to know and if it really is important it will keep bugging you to a point that it will spook the heck out of you. But then again sometimes if you are naive enough to not care it will come to pass.

      Lets say for example you are suppose to sleep early for work tomorrow and you start at 4AM in the morning and you are still goofing off past you normal sleep hour. You will now check the clock and happens to see your favorite minute #13 and please do not be alarmed it is a friendly reminder that if you keep this up you are not going to like the results tomorrow which hences the number #13 meaning you are going to be late, usually just timing wise nothing disastrous so don’t be afraid God is with you and me and all.

      #13 is your best friend its your Guardian Angel, instead of talking to you it relates to you through numbers and clocks so if you keep seeing it, it means you have to pay attention and set your priorities right and to be careful if you are driving or walking whichever your current task is by all means be cautious of your surroundings and last but not least don’t be naive. One last reminder to always pray to our Lord God for guidance over us and protect us from all evil, Amen.

  32. Janet says:

    I saw the number 13 for almost two years toward the end of my unemployment. And at that time is was about to be 2013 which I thought certainly something was going to happen now. Also an associate told me in early 2012 that she went to a psyhic and was told that someone she knew would die that October so of course I started freaking out. However, nothing like that happened, in fact I continued life as usual and good things happened and still continue to happen. I stopped seeing the number 13 for about a year or so and now I noticed it has come back. When I’m watching TV, somehow they refer to a date that includes number 13. One day, it happened three x’s and I thought, that’s really coincedental. I don’t know if it’s a caution warning, which does push me to make sure I don’t do something stupid. Otherwise, it mean something good is going to happen.

  33. Peter says:

    I’m here 3:48am London wembley , cos I see number 13 several times per day . In my room is dark and just one fly flying around . Do I need to give exams where I see the number ? Ok ?
    It’s just piece of second when I see this number .
    GPS 13 miles do destination
    GPS 13 min to arrival
    YouTube movie stop 1:13
    Phone call konversation stop 13 sek
    13 in queue at police station
    Next to garage unit 13
    Car just passed me I saw radio inside Chanell 13
    Gf coming to the room asking for something I stop movie 1:13
    I saw all 24h clock each hour 13 minutes past
    This is just 1% of examples I’m giving you now I see this number 1,5 year
    First it start from seeing 11:11 to much for being coincidence , next 12:12 ,22:22 . I’m born 13th , I meet my ex gf 13th . I see world is sick , people are slaves going to work as punishment and even don’t know about it . They eating modified poisoning food and keep buying new gadgets . God is great , Satan is great .

  34. Mark says:

    i got exactly the same,everywhere no13 since few years cant be coincidence,my intuition just keep telling me “don’t ignore this number”,but its not saying anything is it good or bad,all is saying is “keep your eyes wide open” whats going on on the world,i personally belive that changes are coming.thats my interpretation after seeing it for few years now
    God Bless all of Yous

  35. Miguel Lopez says:

    So, I was born 11-13-78. For the last three years, I always see 11:13, more at night then anything, a few morning, same thing, but it’s more at night. Why?

  36. george says:

    καλησπερα τους τελευταιους 7 μηνες βλεπω πολυ συχνα το ρολοι και ειναι 3¨13 η 3¨33 η 3 συνεχος

  37. ryan says:

    Something’s going to happen soon. World wide. and It ain’t going to be good. 13 is Satan’s number. I thought i was the only one. It seems to be increasing more and more people. Be prepared to die for your belief. I personally will never deny that Jesus is the Son and walked this earth and was put to death to save those who believe in Him. You can kill me but you can’t make me not believe that did not happen. Choose your side. Is it going to be Satan or God? even if it means being put to death.

    • Peter says:

      Ryan you are not alone . I’m just freaking out seeing this number everyday . It’s nearly impossible that I’m catching this number everyday several times . Ryan your spirit is dead and you will be reborn – this is the mostinterested interpretation I found . Ryan I believe you suffering a lot , I do like a martyrs. Ryan you are lucky .
      I born 13th , I meet my beautiful girlfriend 13th .
      I saw all
      24 hours each our 13minutes past .
      Driving using GPS – I see 13 min left to destination , 13 miles left to destination . I was 13th in queue,
      I stop music, movies at 1h13mim. I stop phone konversation at 1:13 or 13 sek . Market scanning my shopping and just one single look I see 7:13 pound to pay didn’t even finish scaning my shopping yet. Fuel station 10pounds and 13 pence to pay . I have 13 like on several pictures on my facebook . Many times I’m 13th person that like someone picture. Going back to see microwave if my meal is ready I see 1:13 sek left to finishing cooking .Ryan I gave you 5% my examples of seeing this number . I would writing all day to give you more examples . It’s not coincidence . I wake up morning 2:13am, 3:13 am , 9:13 am etc.when I see on the clock 13 sek I see it longer like 13th second continues longer time for example seconds passing through 8,9,10,11,12 (I don’t see them )then I see 13………..taking loong time passing into 14. I’m leaving my number. Please contact me +44 7947 767 183
      Peter from London

      • ryan says:

        I can’t believe. that you know that or maybe you just guessed. but you are right. my spirit is dead. I actually died on may 20, 1995. of course my body is still here. supernatural event my spirit left my body and never returned. Yes, I could feel it happen. many will say I am crazy and it’s not possible. but it is true. my life is a living Hell. It all started when I went to God for help. I got worse. I don’t know maybe I was such a bad person that it is the only way He could save me. If so that is fine with me. I rather live my whole life in Hell on earth than after. So, I hope that is the case. I have a complete fear of going to Hell and it goes on every second of the day 24 hours 7 days a week.

  38. chouchou sika says:

    the number 13 is the symbol of illuminati or free masons, so you keep seeing it in every movie just like the symbol of the “EYE”, and also you see the numbers 23, 33, 9, 7, 36, 666, 1776, pyramids and triangles
    It’s a matter of Hypnotism by Freemasons

  39. Alden Harvey says:

    Well i don’t know much about the number but I’ve been seeing it since i could remember and i have born on(11.13.91) November 13,1991 at 4:00 am stright and next year on my birth day again it well be Friday the 13….i swear the last on was when i turn 13 years old and it rain soo hard on that day ha no school for anyone u remember it well but i wonder wat well happened in 2015 Nov. 13 on a Friday plus its been 13 years sinces then….

  40. k says:

    Me too i have been experiencing this past 1 year dont know what to make of it.

  41. tahepa says:

    That 13 makes me wonder.If you like puzzles, the best one might be the one we forget to sit back and look at. What is life around us doing? You never know what you might find. I agree, this is the awakening. May our discoveries meet with each loving beat. Change for the good of humanity can start with you.

  42. Mitzy mersini says:

    Oh wow,how so glad I’m not the only one,I really thought I was going crazy.But It must be my unlucky number.My nan and uncle both died on the 13th February but different years,my mother in law also died on the 13th March can’t remember the year now though.Everywhere I look,I see the number13,everybody I talk too,they mention the number 13,it’s really beginning to freak me out a little bit,just don’t know why this is happening,it’s really appearing everywhere

  43. Peter says:

    You are not alone , and I’m happy not to be too. Your uncles died in right time .If you could say what time exactly I would say more.No 13 is number of God and Devil means understanding higher level of consciousness .I born 13th , I meet my beautiful girlfriend at 13th and we split up at 13th next year. I see this number everyday , it’s nearly impossible for my mind to get it why I see it and places I see it at . No13 means something great happen , or something bad just end . It always means new beginning . It is always good for your even if you thinking otherwise .

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