3DS Game: Spirit Camera

Have you heard about Fatal Frame – an impressive Japanese game for the PlayStation? It brought the horror genre into another dimension. The gameplay was design to creep you out.

Now – a similar game called Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir will be released for the 3DS.

From the trailer – the story takes you to haunted places to take pictures of ghosts as they will interact with you in their eternal suffering.

You will have memoir to offer you parts of an evil realm.

The first person perspective in the gameplay will surely help tasting the creepy atmosphere.

As I was watching the trailer I wondered if I’ll be able someday to play the game by knowing the Japanese language. Hmm…gotta learn it already. Below you have the reason.

The game will hit the market on April 13.


2 thoughts on “3DS Game: Spirit Camera

  1. Moment Matters

    I hope they release an English version! I liked Fatal Frame, and I will surely immense myself when it has a 3D counterpart!

  2. Gratian Post author

    If the English version will see the light of the day..it will be in some distant future. But I think it’s worth waiting.


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