Manga Review: Lullabies From Hell [Part 2]

When I thought that things couldn’t get better – I happened to read the latest two stories from the Lullabies From Hell manga volume. It impressed me with the creativity and imagination inserted into the plots.

The “Train of Terror” will take you on a shocking adventure.

After visiting his grandmother, Shuichi and his friends will have an unexpected surprise.

A dark figure sitting in their train will cause panic when entering a tunnel. After a blackout he will disappear and all people on the train will change into some evil entities with darkened faces and evil intentions.

This enigma will continue to haunt Shuichi as his parents will be affected as well by the dark stranger.

There’s a sense of adventure in this story and it will keep you alert while elements of the plot will fill the mystery.

“Zoroku’s Strange Disease” comes with a sense of abominable infection. It is gross, weird and cruel – a story of misfortune and misunderstanding – and of course filled with bacteria.

A sad story about a boy who will be forced to live alone because a strange disease will begin to consume his body.

The tale brings a sensitive metaphor – as in being all alone against the world. The main character will experience depression, hatred and helplessness through solitude. He has no chance.

I often visit this dark, mournful territory to access stories like this. I know I should be more happier about life and shit – but it just isn’t in my essence. I’m between them – joy and sadness – and I get along with both of them.

About the manga..I enjoyed it and now I’m heading for another title.


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