First Post: 2012

So – new year people – 2012 – the year when they say it’s all going to end.

Yeah..right. I know that the Mayan in charge with that calendar died and the others were too lame-ass and busy to continue – therefore here’s an explanation why the Mayan calendar ended this year.

I know also that these are rough times – for me and for many others. But let’s just smile a bit. I have expectations from this year – change a lot of things.

I just ended up writing a short SF story called Amfibion and I sent it to a SF magazine in the hopes of publishing. If not I’ll continue writing til someone will appreciate my creativity and need of writing.

As for this year – I’ll give up some habits – which obviously didn’t make me a better person but they dragged me down. I’ll find new friends, I’ll listen to music all the time. I’ll change my look, my style, I’ll get a tattoo and yes – I’ll change my glasses with something similar that Skrillex is wearing. Bitches.

As for now I’ll leave you in the company of a great song that plays on my PC right now.


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