Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It

There is a strange thing going on...and I don't know what might be the cause of it. For some time now - I've been seeing something - I had a constant interaction with the number 13. 13 in here, 13 in there, by looking at the clock, in different places - it just pops into… Continue reading Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It


Runnin’ On Walls

The moment you feel stuck..that you're not going anywhere. You can't lose, you can't win, you can't participate, you can't deal with it. Purposeless, emotionless, faithless, lifeless...this feeling is so damaging. I've tried it a few times. I'm not trying it now jut because I found a cure - music. I missed my old music.… Continue reading Runnin’ On Walls

PS Vita: Gravity Rush

I stumbled upon a video of this game and well...I was impressed with what I've seen. Gravity Rush [known also as Gravity Daze] is an adventure platformer coming from the creator of Silent Hill. The game is about a girl that is trying to save her future existence in a world that is destroying itself… Continue reading PS Vita: Gravity Rush

3DS Game: Spirit Camera

Have you heard about Fatal Frame - an impressive Japanese game for the PlayStation? It brought the horror genre into another dimension. The gameplay was design to creep you out. Now - a similar game called Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir will be released for the 3DS. From the trailer - the story takes you… Continue reading 3DS Game: Spirit Camera