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Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It

There is a strange thing going on…and I don’t know what might be the cause of it.

For some time now – I’ve been seeing something – I had a constant interaction with the number 13. 13 in here, 13 in there, by looking at the clock, in different places – it just pops into my sight. I just liked a page about a movie earlier – and after clicking the button I was registered as the 13th person to do so. I just realized it just after that…

I know life isn’t as simple as we perceive it and there are always things related to us that we will never know. Driven by curiosity I wanted to know about the number I encounter every day. I know that others might see that number often as well, but in my case – I do it repeatedly.

I started to think that somethings is wrong – but if I think about it – maybe it’s just a code or something.

Life’s a logic game. Everything has a dual existence and we don’t have monkeys as ancestors. We have a purpose and we are here to play our part in this game.

So – 13 – has also a dual significance. Continue reading


Runnin’ On Walls

The moment you feel stuck..that you’re not going anywhere. You can’t lose, you can’t win, you can’t participate, you can’t deal with it. Purposeless, emotionless, faithless, lifeless…this feeling is so damaging. I’ve tried it a few times. I’m not trying it now jut because I found a cure – music. I missed my old music.

The melodies that took me beyond reality – that inspired me and gave me strength.

I have to run on walls again…

PS Vita: Gravity Rush

I stumbled upon a video of this game and well…I was impressed with what I’ve seen.

Gravity Rush [known also as Gravity Daze] is an adventure platformer coming from the creator of Silent Hill. The game is about a girl that is trying to save her future existence in a world that is destroying itself minute by minute. Below you have a reason to believe that this game will be purely awesome. The release date is February 9.

3DS Game: Spirit Camera

Have you heard about Fatal Frame – an impressive Japanese game for the PlayStation? It brought the horror genre into another dimension. The gameplay was design to creep you out.

Now – a similar game called Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir will be released for the 3DS.

From the trailer – the story takes you to haunted places to take pictures of ghosts as they will interact with you in their eternal suffering.

You will have memoir to offer you parts of an evil realm.

The first person perspective in the gameplay will surely help tasting the creepy atmosphere. Continue reading

ANONYMOUS Hacker Group And Their Reasons

It’s been decided. The ANONYMOUS hacker group that threatened Facebook last year are now saying that they will attack and close the site on January 28.

The reason – they are an online community that are at war with the Government of the United States.  They are only trying to preserve their internet rights…therefore they will have to fight. Even if  SOPA and PIPA were postponed, this community believes that these are still going to affect the internet rights.

“Our first target… Facebook… While it is true that facebook has at least 60,000 servers… It is still possible to bring it down..” is said in their OPBlackout video.

The video is also a call for those who are interested in this group’s ideas. I don’t have anything against facebook – since I use it on a regular basis. But if they will bring it down – their choice. I believe in my internet rights but I’m not going extreme over them.

Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (DubRocca Remix)

I always had a thing for electronic music, but when dubstep entered my area I was fascinated. I can’t get this genre out of my head. I listen dubstep like a maniac..which it’s not something new cuz I spend lots of time on things I enjoy most, especially music.

For now this is what plays on my speakers.