Manga Review: Lullabies From Hell [Part 1]

The volume “Lullabies From Hell” by Hideshi Hino has a particular occult aspect – which makes this manga confusing, irritable, disturbing but appealing to those who know to enjoy it.

“Lullabies From Hell” is a collection of shocking stories, presented in a fun and attractive way.

The first story is more like a grotesque biography, filled with details that make your skin crawl.

The young Hideshi Hino has a particular interest in dark and disturbing things. He collects different animal parts, worms, skulls – he draws shocking images and has a sick behavior. He tortures and kills animals – til he discovers that he has an unique ability.

If he wishes for people to be dying in terrible circumstances – everything becomes reality.

The styled used in this manga really surprised me. Everything is dark and evil – but the main character is ruling this universe. He comes above all the gore and shapes it like it’s the right thing to do.

I was quite moved to read how the little boy watches the corpse of his dead mother and sings the lullaby of Hell. And after that he kills everyone that he wants.

Just imagine a power like that. Would it wrong or right? With the fucked up shit that spins around this God-forsaken world – I’d prefer to have this ability.

The second story is defying the human logic.

Pollution causes the appearance of strange diseases around the wold. But what about if you new born baby turns out to be a reptilian monster?

This second chapter reflects the motherly love for an abomination which consumes live animals and also people.

But what if the human race cannot deliver human babies anymore but different animals…interesting approach upon the apocalypse. We all die within a hundred years…

Hideshi Hino has an exceptional imagination. I really admire his work.

The stories are well represented in black and white – because the element of horror is raw and efficient.


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