Zombie Media: Dawn Of The Dead

If I would make a list with my favorite zombie movies, the remake of the “Dawn Of The Dead” would definitely be on it.

This movie deals with the theme of angry, fast-moving fresh-corpses – by creating a world full with terror and shock.

This article will not be an usual review but an essay to discover the best zombie parts of the movie.

Dawn of the Dead brings us an unique style in reflecting zombies.

They are fast – which obviously makes them the worst type of zombie ever imagined. If they are fast, they have also strong muscles and tissues so fighting them is not an easy job.

The virus they carry is a lethal one and it’s very efficient. Only one bite and after a few seconds another zombie was created.

Their agility is not the only thing that is dangerous. Their perceptibility is also increased. They’ll move from a possible victim to another one in just a matter of seconds.If they get you unprepared – then you’ll have a terrible time dealing with their intentions.

Truth about location: The movie is set in an abandoned mall. Obviously this is not a smart move. Being trapped inside a building with people you barely know and hordes of zombies staying outside and waiting for you to make a mistake – nightmarish situation.

And yet if you follow some survival code, you’ll be fine.

Weapons of choice: Here I state my favorite gun from the movie. Of course that I went with the damage inflicted upon the undead and I chose the shotgun. Besides this, the best in-movie gun was the sniper rifle.

Rules: No. 1 – We have a married couple that ends up in this survival group. Being attached to someone who is infected will always compromise your safety. Therefore nobody should trust nobody. We are talking about decisive situations so – as an effect – you prolonging your life should be the most important aspect.

No. 2 – Most of the survivals of the zombie apocalypse prefer to stay in groups. Therefore their chances of standing against the hordes are increasing.

No. 3 – It seems that the zombies in Dawn of the Dead have sharp hearing. Noise attracts them, so you should be as silent as possible.

No. 4 – Stopping the infection. If you shoot them in the head, they go down permanently. Then you’ll have to burn the bodies. Seems like a smart choice.

No. 5 – Fat zombies are the creepiest things ever!!! Having a dead fat lady running after you it’s just like the worst scenario ever…

Rating: 3/5 for exceptional low-quality plot but sensational zombie depictions.


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