Manga Review: Lullabies From Hell [Part 1]

The volume "Lullabies From Hell" by Hideshi Hino has a particular occult aspect - which makes this manga confusing, irritable, disturbing but appealing to those who know to enjoy it. "Lullabies From Hell" is a collection of shocking stories, presented in a fun and attractive way. The first story is more like a grotesque biography,… Continue reading Manga Review: Lullabies From Hell [Part 1]


Zombie Media: Dawn Of The Dead

If I would make a list with my favorite zombie movies, the remake of the "Dawn Of The Dead" would definitely be on it. This movie deals with the theme of angry, fast-moving fresh-corpses - by creating a world full with terror and shock. This article will not be an usual review but an essay… Continue reading Zombie Media: Dawn Of The Dead

Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 2

The first thing you have to know when battling zombies - you have to shoot them in the head if you want to stop them continuously attacking you. When Leon Kennedy approaches one of them - it will try to bite him. But with the proper aiming - the zombie will be killed. The second… Continue reading Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 2

Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 1

This new web series brings out an original Resident Evil story - a prequel to the Resident Evil 2 game story. Leon Kennedy who just graduated the Police Academy will first interact with a horde of moving corpses on a farm near Raccoon City. This first episode shows us how a minor mistake can take… Continue reading Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 1

Rain Town

Animated short films are the perfect ones to reflect little details about an imaginary world. Because there is just a short period of expressing a plot - the most important things are succeeding one another. It is the case of the short film "Rain Town". Rain Town is a little town where the color gray… Continue reading Rain Town