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Manga Review: Lullabies From Hell [Part 1]

The volume “Lullabies From Hell” by Hideshi Hino has a particular occult aspect – which makes this manga confusing, irritable, disturbing but appealing to those who know to enjoy it.

“Lullabies From Hell” is a collection of shocking stories, presented in a fun and attractive way.

The first story is more like a grotesque biography, filled with details that make your skin crawl.

The young Hideshi Hino has a particular interest in dark and disturbing things. He collects different animal parts, worms, skulls – he draws shocking images and has a sick behavior. He tortures and kills animals – til he discovers that he has an unique ability.

If he wishes for people to be dying in terrible circumstances – everything becomes reality.

The styled used in this manga really surprised me. Everything is dark and evil – but the main character is ruling this universe. He comes above all the gore and shapes it like it’s the right thing to do. Continue reading


Zombie Media: Dawn Of The Dead

If I would make a list with my favorite zombie movies, the remake of the “Dawn Of The Dead” would definitely be on it.

This movie deals with the theme of angry, fast-moving fresh-corpses – by creating a world full with terror and shock.

This article will not be an usual review but an essay to discover the best zombie parts of the movie.

Dawn of the Dead brings us an unique style in reflecting zombies.

They are fast – which obviously makes them the worst type of zombie ever imagined. If they are fast, they have also strong muscles and tissues so fighting them is not an easy job.

The virus they carry is a lethal one and it’s very efficient. Only one bite and after a few seconds another zombie was created.

Their agility is not the only thing that is dangerous. Their perceptibility is also increased. They’ll move from a possible victim to another one in just a matter of seconds. Continue reading

Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 2

The first thing you have to know when battling zombies – you have to shoot them in the head if you want to stop them continuously attacking you.

When Leon Kennedy approaches one of them – it will try to bite him. But with the proper aiming – the zombie will be killed.

The second episode of Resident Evil: First Hour teaches us the basics of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

The show was directed by April Choi and Ross Peacock. Producer: Cosmic Mutt Pictures.

Below you can watch Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 2 (Live Action Fan Film). Enjoy.

Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 1

This new web series brings out an original Resident Evil story – a prequel to the Resident Evil 2 game story. Leon Kennedy who just graduated the Police Academy will first interact with a horde of moving corpses on a farm near Raccoon City.

This first episode shows us how a minor mistake can take you to the place in which your true self will be revealed. What would you do when in front of you a cannibalistic act will be performed?

The show was directed by April Choi and Ross Peacock. Producer: Cosmic Mutt Pictures.

Below you can watch Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 1 (Live Action Fan Film). Enjoy.

Rain Town

Animated short films are the perfect ones to reflect little details about an imaginary world. Because there is just a short period of expressing a plot – the most important things are succeeding one another.

It is the case of the short film “Rain Town“.

Rain Town is a little town where the color gray of the clouds and the rain are constant. Just imagine a place in which everything is controlled by humidity and water. I’m sure that could be a beautiful place and a melancholic one. Continue reading

A Non-December Fact

It’s late December..and still warm enough for believing that this holiday season will be one of a kind. It rained this morning…when it should be snowing. The sky was filled with emotionless clouds that poured down their sorrows. Everything had this dark gray nuance that inspired nothing more than emptiness.

I never saw this face of December. So strange..unusual..static and inexpressive. Just like the moments of a great inner pain.

I lost memoirs…I’m kinda sick and I want changes upon my conditions. Besides…I lost myself again in the shadows of the sounds…

Living Rental Magica Water Tune no. 9

Inspiration. Sometimes I need it..we all do.

I find my inspiration in foggy mornings and cold perceptions. In sounds of solitude and whispers of fear. But my inspiration is linked with an ethereal environment that is filled with music. I cannot destroy the captive in me..the one that demands too many thoughts of deep simplicity.

If I could describe myself in one word..what would it be…taking in consideration my feelings, my personality, my mentality. It would be complex. I’m a complex person, we all are, but we do not know how to create the perfect life for us.

With mine..I’ll start with this song.