Destructum: The Summoning

(continued from – Destructum: Intro)

Destructum: The Summoning

The cold air in the night was reflecting a cruel emotion. Screams of desperation were about to invade the local ambiance’s peace.

Even with three heroes among them, most of the people in here were doomed. Aeb Thanag’a was gathering enough energy from his spirits, so he could engage in starting the dark rituals.

His skin was getting some elemental gray nuances while his muscles struggled underneath it. His eyes we’re presenting orange lighting-lines almost like a cannibalistic desire…he was so concentrated upon this action that  everything around him just..dissipated. The ritual would consume almost all his resources of energy.

Just a mile away – a young boy just went to sleep after having dinner with his family. A sweet smell of pumpkin pie was emanated from a small corner of the room. His parents went on with their home-duties, while the little one sat near the window and watched the crystal-rays that were illustrated on the near-by trees.

From distance – he seemed to notice a bluish sphere that was rotating with enormous speed.

Aeb Thanag’a managed to create his evil portal – shaped as a blue globe of fire. Once that portal was open, his evil army could enter this realm.


The demon’s powers were great. He alone could summon up to 25.000 dark devils from his natal realm – The Clouds. After opening the portal – he just had to say some sort of prayer that would unleash the bowels of a great horde of enemies.

So – that evening, thousands of little dark devils, with terrible ambitions we’re about to invade Nhaedoria. The peasants that were enjoying the tranquility of the autumn evening had no idea what cruel fate was thrown upon them.

[to be continued…]


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