The Lost Thing: Perceptions

So, this morning I watched a beautiful short animated movie that was featured this year in an animated movie festival in my city not long ago. “The Lost Thing” is quite an amazing visual experience – offering 15 minutes of film delight.

Directors/Writers: Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan.

Producer: Sophie Byrne.

Cast: Tim Minchin.

“The Lost Thing” is the story of a boy that discovers an unusual looking creature. Thing is that he is the only one interested in it. Nobody else seems to notice its presence.

Now – because of this social indifference – the boy will try to find out what’s with his new friend and from where it came. The movie will point his actions of trying to solve this mystery. In the end we will visit a world full of new and exciting apparitions – a world of cultural fantasy where unique elements exist.

The theme of telling the story of something that is just “lost” without a proper reason can be viewed as a notion of modern-day mentality. Even if we have the big and red creature – nobody seems interested in it – cuz they are occupied with other aspects of their lives. The movie offers a colorful world – filled with futuristic structures. Almost like an indie-game, this Universe need interaction.

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