Just a short intro for a fantasy essay reflecting points of views on RPG concepts.


The lands were covered by a shady fog that evening. All over there was a tense flying entity that inspired nothing more than dark contemplation. An objective silence was leading the place. Nothing disturbed the tranquility. The fog was moving so gently that it wouldn’t move a single molecule of air.

There were no rays reflecting from the moon, nor stars to transfer invisible shades. Was a typical mid-autumn evening in the lands of Nhaedoria.

Left alone in this mystic environment, Aeb Thanag’a, the fallen angel from the Clouds was thinking about searching for a place to start it’s dark ritual, allowing him to summon more infernal minions. This evil action was like a spiritual manifestation from within the demon. A crystal fire and dark ashes were coming out from the demon’s surroundings, while he was moving angrily his arms and legs. Then an dark orange light was to appear on the sky and a vast army of devils being rained down. The silence was about to be disabled…

He wasn’t aware of the fact that he was sitting on the domain of the Three Sisters – the protectors of this district of Nhaedoria. These three warriors were among the most powerful in all the lands. An inevitable battle was like a struggling destiny for them. An yet this destiny seemed a little bit too real at that moment…

[to be continued…]


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