Dark Sounds: The Song Beneath The Tragedy

I really hope that you’ve seen Silent Hill or played at least one of the games from the series.

Or at least know something about Konami’s great universe of Silent Hill.

If you don’t then I have to tell you a bit about it. A tragedy leaves behind a dark place – with demons and abstract phenomenons. As I once said when I reviewed the movie – an universe defined by an evil complexity and a neurotic and psychopathic essence.

You have to stay alive…when it is nearly impossible.

But what it’s great about Silent Hill is its soundtrack. I let you hear some of the songs featured in the productions – but one song is still trying to invade my subconscious.

It’s called White Noiz and it can offer unique feelings. An adorable need for solitude, a sweet sound of immorality and a recreational pain the debts of the soul. I wonder how I ended up loving this kind of music – am I weird in a way? It that’s an answer and not a question then I’ll put the song on repeat. Guess what I’m going to listen til morning…


One thought on “Dark Sounds: The Song Beneath The Tragedy

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