Destructum: The Summoning

(continued from - Destructum: Intro) Destructum: The Summoning The cold air in the night was reflecting a cruel emotion. Screams of desperation were about to invade the local ambiance's peace. Even with three heroes among them, most of the people in here were doomed. Aeb Thanag'a was gathering enough energy from his spirits, so he… Continue reading Destructum: The Summoning


Under The Sheets

I can't really express what I feel while listening to this song. I just discovered it today..or maybe I should say it was introduced to me. Introduced to analyze my subconscious when feeling that beat. I wonder how many of you feel music the way I do. Probably not many - so I think is… Continue reading Under The Sheets

My Angel’s Clone [Original]

Upon the dusty shelves I spread my feelings Dark, ritualistic grains of power left alone And you, without a worry in this world You're nothing else than my angel's clone. So beautiful, yet so macabre With your closed eyes to see me through I wonder how you got up there Am I imagining or this… Continue reading My Angel’s Clone [Original]

The Lost Thing: Perceptions

So, this morning I watched a beautiful short animated movie that was featured this year in an animated movie festival in my city not long ago. "The Lost Thing" is quite an amazing visual experience - offering 15 minutes of film delight. Directors/Writers: Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan. Producer: Sophie Byrne. Cast: Tim Minchin. "The Lost… Continue reading The Lost Thing: Perceptions


Just a short intro for a fantasy essay reflecting points of views on RPG concepts. Destructum The lands were covered by a shady fog that evening. All over there was a tense flying entity that inspired nothing more than dark contemplation. An objective silence was leading the place. Nothing disturbed the tranquility. The fog was… Continue reading Destructum