A Letter For Red

I played Penumbra: Overture more times than I should have. Why?

Mainly because of the story – with all the puzzle and horror elements. I played it because I loved the characters – their mentality and their purpose. Red – the one trapped in the mine and who becomes the hero’s “guardian” and friend – lives a story of great struggle.

He is alone, he is confused, starved and panicked. Only some philosophy books, some old furniture and the constant fear is what keeps him company. He is the symbol of a great tragedy – and he is depicted in the game as having a major role in all the situations.

Besides – the song dedicated to him is great. I started listening to the Penumbra OST after I finished the first game. Now I can’t let it go and move onto something else. I have a thing for the song “A Letter For Red” by Mikko Tarmia.

“It is only through pain that we know we are alive and this time, my friend, the pain must end”. These are words that accompanied me daily. Well, try to guess what I’m listening to while I write these notes…


3 thoughts on “A Letter For Red

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