Steve Jobs: The Story Of A Great Man

Yesterday at the editorial office I read about the new iPhone 4S which is something of an upgrade to the legendary iPhone. Today, it saddens me to find out the Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has passed away.

Steve Jobs had a cruel fight with one of the diseases I hate most – cancer. Of course that complications appeared and his life was put in danger. And now – he left this world after convincing us that some people can do great things.

He died wednesday evening at the age of 56, due to pancreatic cancer.

People like Steve Jobs offered a new perspective upon the things mankind can do. He had ideas and he wanted to make them reality. He gave us the concepts of iPod and iPhone, when nobody couldn’t think of such a technological experience.

He united all the nations underneath a need for technological illusion. One ideea started the creation of an empire that it’s known as Apple Inc.

Considered a visionary, he managed to use the power of creativity in order to become more and more involved in his work. The passion expressed for creating new technological products was greater than any of us could imagine.

I believe it is in his right that someone could continue his work. Rest in peace. The world will feel your absence…


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