Re-enacting Evil: The Ring

When I write an article..I write about I like, about what I find interesting and about things that I have an opinion about.

I choose to blog about anime/manga/movies and games because are a part of my daily routine. This is what I love most and prefer to spend time on. I don’t really give a fuck about what others say and they say lots of shit. I thank the Lord I am this way 🙂

So, back to the main attraction. I have a thing for what is dark, evil, horrifying and I said it millions of times. That’s probably why I chose to see The Ring several times before I die.

I’m not going to write a review or something similar since this production is so popular. I’ll talk about myths, motifs, tones and plot-structures – all involving the element of evil.

First of all, beyond being a horror film, this production is an intensive drama. The original story created by Koji Suzuki cannot be surpassed by the film-productions and it reflects a cold reality, so cold that you can’t believe at first what it’s going on.

Being dead, trapped in a world in which you have power but you cannot find your own happiness – that’s a regular sign for drama. This motif of the lost soul seeking revenge is quite popular [especially in some Asian movies].

The Ring makes its characters to become more and more involved with the stated problems. Like an ultimate session of discovering the truth, actions are correlated with a strategy used to help finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Of course that it wouldn’t be all this drama if things could settle down after a short period of time. Nope…we have to experience many different things til the last moment.

When creating such movies, there is always the question – what tones should we put into action? Of course that lots of editing can create worlds that we couldn’t see in reality. In horror movies there are always colors that disturb, that create panic, that reflect the ugliest perceptions and the darkest fears.

Every element is observed as having a not-so natural color. The Ring uses dark yet powerful colors to tell a story about abomination, decomposition of human nature and to explain a cold reality.

I’m not sure how many of those who saw this movie thought about it this way. Probably not so many. But if you read this, I invite you to see the movie again. It might offer you a different experience now.


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