Art Expression: Deformed Illusions

Art – one of the things I like to talk about most. There are so many types of art and principles around them that’s kinda impossible to offer detailed columns about each of them and what are they are representing.

Everyone is perceiving things differently. If I watch the blue sky painted with pure white clouds, it remembers me of a fresh love story that’s just happening. You probably just enjoy the sunny weather.

I tend to like colors, shapes, movement of things, natural elements and tranquility. If we are talking about the picture on the right – I have to say that the message that is transmitting to me is that people [often subjects inflicted in the image action] can be depicted in styles and ways that reflect their personality. A close relationship between those two – that’s what I first saw when I stumbled upon the picture. Then I went with the details – with the filling environment – the way things were visually described. Tradition, inner-peace, joy, love, revelation – all these can be extracted from this simple drawing.

Just look at the style in which shapes and shades are used – how magnificent a simple umbrella can be, almost like an emotional barrier between the subjects and the rest of the world. They are two – and they matter only this way.

With this picture is another story. I probably like it because of the atmosphere that it’s able to create.

It’s almost like the subject is using that giant brush to paint her own life perspectives. Just observe her surroundings and the way they are represented – raw, fulfilling and in a natural way. The artist probably had some genial ideas when he worked on this.

Please observe the must-exist liaison between the colors used. Too much contrast can harm – and even if you might have something great to offer, its values might be diminished drastically. Attention is demanded when putting ideas into practice.

Everything has a story and a purpose. If you want to create something useful, you go with what you might like others to see, to consume and to share with their friends and not only.

Simple messages can reach the destination if they are put on the right paths.

Art is what makes us think that reality is more than something you ussually contemplate with your naked eye. People believe in greater powers and they want to seek their moral and spiritual depths. Those wo are too stupid to realize that a natural scenery can also be perceived just like in a little poem are too busy wasting their pathetic lives.

As for me…I’ll search for some more material to inspire and amaze me. I choose to consume art like it was meant to be.


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