Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2

Today I found myself listening to the second volume of the Queen’s Blade Character Song. In the center of attention – Tomoe.

The second volume offers one melody – Hinodezuru Hana Tomoe vers. – the Karaoke version of the song and a short audio-drama. Of course that I barely understood something but the only thing that really captured my attention was the passion put into creating this audio show. Lovely acting and lovely voices.

The track is quite something. I really enjoy how the Japanese people can create beautiful and original music. By using traditional instruments, they create melodies perfect for every emotion that tries you.

It’s about creativity, thereore music is something that keeps on being constructed.

Some final notes about this album – whenever I need a bit of inspiration and ideas, I’ll put my trust into Noto Mamiko’s words from the song. You can try to feel the same way I am. Below is your chance.


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