Dog Pound: Rage, Aggression And Spirit

Extreme situations makes the human being to act in various ways. When incarcerated, a person can find his true-self, ready to risk everything for a natural order of things.

Dog Pound reveals the stories of three trouble-making minors that end up in a correctional center. One for assault, one for theft and the last one for possession of illegal substances.

We have some funny moments, dramatic ones and action – all mixed up to create a good movie. When fighting is the scene’s theme – this movie cannot disappoint. Brutal yet smart, this film offers the image of a correctional institution where the right ways are not properly propagated.

The conflict with the others is inevitable. When the riot starts – we receive the image of a raged animal, which cannot believe in anything else than aggression. Fighting is evil, yet is is used almost permanently in this world.

Dog Pound talks about many things including the alteration of the relationships with friends and family, illegal activities in prisons, racial conflicts, inexperienced prison guards, responsibility and a link between the work action and personal life.

It’s complete story about different people. We are seeing what they think, what they want and what they need. Freedom is among those wishes.


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