Vocaloid: Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

If Vocaloid is on the playlist right now, let’s enjoy another “kind” of melody.

It is about love, in a sick and twisted way. You know that sometimes love can become faithfully cruel. If you are attached to one person and that person drives you crazy, madly you get any thought and throw it into a river full of ill passion. Passion murders – the temptation of making one just yours even if it’s a life and death risk.

I thank God I never experimented that “kind” of love and I pray I’ll never will. I’m sick of falling in love anyway, cuz almost every time I end up with my brains fucked up by useless thoughts. But now I have other things to do…and one of them is hitting the play button again…and again…and probably again. Why doesn’t Youtube have a repeat option?


One thought on “Vocaloid: Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

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