Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2

Today I found myself listening to the second volume of the Queen's Blade Character Song. In the center of attention - Tomoe.The second volume offers one melody - Hinodezuru Hana Tomoe vers. - the Karaoke version of the song and a short audio-drama. Of course that I barely understood something but the only thing that… Continue reading Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2


Dog Pound: Rage, Aggression And Spirit

Extreme situations makes the human being to act in various ways. When incarcerated, a person can find his true-self, ready to risk everything for a natural order of things. Dog Pound┬áreveals the stories of three trouble-making minors that end up in a correctional center. One for assault, one for theft and the last one for… Continue reading Dog Pound: Rage, Aggression And Spirit

Gaming 101: Amnesia The Dark Descent

  Fans of the horror genre will definitely love this title. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an unique and intensive survival horror first person adventure game. The amount of things that makes this game great is unlimited. After waking up in an old abandoned castle, without remembering anything, the main character [Daniel] start a trip… Continue reading Gaming 101: Amnesia The Dark Descent

Gaming 101: Prey

Been a while since I've talked about games. I didn't played as much as I wanted..probably because of lack of time and mood...but now I'm back in this bitch. One of the greatest games that I've played was Prey. Now I'm playing it again. Prey was developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K… Continue reading Gaming 101: Prey