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Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2

Today I found myself listening to the second volume of the Queen’s Blade Character Song. In the center of attention – Tomoe.

The second volume offers one melody – Hinodezuru Hana Tomoe vers. – the Karaoke version of the song and a short audio-drama. Of course that I barely understood something but the only thing that really captured my attention was the passion put into creating this audio show. Lovely acting and lovely voices.

The track is quite something. I really enjoy how the Japanese people can create beautiful and original music. By using traditional instruments, they create melodies perfect for every emotion that tries you.

It’s about creativity, thereore music is something that keeps on being constructed.

Some final notes about this album – whenever I need a bit of inspiration and ideas, I’ll put my trust into Noto Mamiko’s words from the song. You can try to feel the same way I am. Below is your chance.


Dog Pound: Rage, Aggression And Spirit

Extreme situations makes the human being to act in various ways. When incarcerated, a person can find his true-self, ready to risk everything for a natural order of things.

Dog Pound reveals the stories of three trouble-making minors that end up in a correctional center. One for assault, one for theft and the last one for possession of illegal substances.

We have some funny moments, dramatic ones and action – all mixed up to create a good movie. When fighting is the scene’s theme – this movie cannot disappoint. Brutal yet smart, this film offers the image of a correctional institution where the right ways are not properly propagated.

The conflict with the others is inevitable. When the riot starts – we receive the image of a raged animal, which cannot believe in anything else than aggression. Fighting is evil, yet is is used almost permanently in this world.

Dog Pound talks about many things including the alteration of the relationships with friends and family, illegal activities in prisons, racial conflicts, inexperienced prison guards, responsibility and a link between the work action and personal life.

It’s complete story about different people. We are seeing what they think, what they want and what they need. Freedom is among those wishes.

Gaming 101: Amnesia The Dark Descent


Fans of the horror genre will definitely love this title.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an unique and intensive survival horror first person adventure game. The amount of things that makes this game great is unlimited.

After waking up in an old abandoned castle, without remembering anything, the main character [Daniel] start a trip of finding out the truth. Just like the Penumbra series, this game puts the accent on mental heath and stability. You cannot battle against the villains but you can run and hide, while the enemy is seeking for you.

Exploring is all you have to do in order to start conquering the unimaginable. A very creepy atmosphere surrounds you. Dark colors and tones, dust, lights coming in various shapes that scare you, different monuments, strange sounds, voices and screams, revelations and memories – a bunch of elements that help creating a dark environment.

After waking up you must follow a blood trail – the only thing that stirs your imagination at the moment. Movement in the corner of the eye, which is gone when you look more carefully, wind blowing up, doors opening and closing, sounds of footsteps, birds singing in a creepy manner, voices coming from dark corners, invisible foes – what else do you want more?

By adding adventure elements and puzzles to the story, this game is able to offer you a great dosage of fun. You are kinda trapped. You don’t know where you’re going and what are those scary whispers that come from dark corners. You must stay alive no matter what. When an enemy is approaching, your nerves are getting weak. You must find a safe spot. You can stay hidden in dark areas of halls and rooms, you can use the surroundings to create a barricade and hide.

Sometimes you will have to make things work, light up important zones, find alternative paths – all while trying to find out what really is going on.

When you encounter this thing [picture left] you stop thinking and RUN. This creature visited me while I was spending some time looking for clues on how to get past some blocked passage. Trust me, the hallway was poor lighted and it came out of nowhere making strange noises. The best way to avoid confrontation is to be prepared for this kind of situation. You have to close doors behind you, you must secure zones, use the lights strategically.

When you are on the flooded archive halls, you will have a not so pleasant surprise. Stay away from the water, cuz this attracts a very powerful enemy. It gave me the creeps. You only see some footsteps on the water – you cannot see the thing that attacks you. You will have to use the environment and your agility in order to escape from this damned path. It’s like a demonic labyrinth. You just have to pay attention to whatever surrounds you.

Gaming 101: Prey

Been a while since I’ve talked about games. I didn’t played as much as I wanted..probably because of lack of time and mood…but now I’m back in this bitch.

One of the greatest games that I’ve played was Prey. Now I’m playing it again.

Prey was developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K Games. It’s that kind of Science Fiction –  First Person Shooter with Horror and Adventure elements.

You play as a Cherokee native from Oklahoma named Domasi Tawodi. You are quite the character – you don’t believe in the ancestors’ heritage and legends. You want to flee and never get back to the reservation where you’re living at the moment. But your plan will not work out because strange things are about to happen.

Strange noises and lights coming from the sky – a sign that something is going to destroy the natural order of things. And guess what – you’re abducted by some sort of alien species and end up on a huge spacecraft called the Sphere. The battle for survival is about to begin.

Now the real fun begins – as you start encountering the “unique traits” of this new world. At first your weapon of choice is a wrench, that dirty tool that became popular in many productions [note: play Half Life: Blue Shift].

Things are a little bit taken to the extreme on this organic alien spaceship. Everything that is brought here has the purpose to be used or consumed. We see strange devices that are literally mashing up people – in order to obtain bloody nutriments. Other people are used as mindless slaves or warriors that will attack you back if startled.

One thing that marked this world as interesting are the special environment elements like wall-walk magnetic routes, different gravity-challenging points, the usage of portals – all-in-all the way it was created. You can climb, you can ride, you can fly, you can access different “visual-impossible points” by using your Spirit Walk ability. If you die, you are taken to an ethereal realm where you can gain life and spirit power by hitting red and blue spirits with your Spirit Bow.

The atmosphere is exceptional – the tone, the colors, the soundtrack everything is put together to create the perfect alien ambiental theme. I just love those moments in which I have to think fast and also act fast, trying to stay alive while different creatures or devices are trying to harm and kill me.

This is what gaming really is about. A great session of discovering the truth behind the interactive fictional motivation.


Vocaloid: Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

If Vocaloid is on the playlist right now, let’s enjoy another “kind” of melody.

It is about love, in a sick and twisted way. You know that sometimes love can become faithfully cruel. If you are attached to one person and that person drives you crazy, madly you get any thought and throw it into a river full of ill passion. Passion murders – the temptation of making one just yours even if it’s a life and death risk.

I thank God I never experimented that “kind” of love and I pray I’ll never will. I’m sick of falling in love anyway, cuz almost every time I end up with my brains fucked up by useless thoughts. But now I have other things to do…and one of them is hitting the play button again…and again…and probably again. Why doesn’t Youtube have a repeat option?