Shoujo Byou 1st Major Album – Zankyou Legion

Artist: Shoujo Byou (Mitsuki & Lico).

Album: Zankyou Legion.

Release Date: 2010.12.08.

Shoujo Byou translated as Girl Disease presents one of their best albums – Zankyou Legion. The album came in two different versions: limited and regular. What can I say? I’ve listened to it – and I just love the way instruments, lyrics and vocal effects are combined in order to create a great musical product.

It is more than a simple album – it’s a compilation of art, senses, credibility, power of wisdom and spiritual images. Narration – to create a story just like in a character song album, musical instruments that are put on top of everything. From the first song I’ve noticed a note of dramatization and I think it’s the key element that makes this product one of the best I’ve encounter so far. Great voices – used perfectly – to define with every song a little part of a greater world – one of universal musical needs. Above them – some sound effects to add a little bit of color to the whole album.


1. Shinku no Eye Eve
2. Juusan Gatsu no Fukakutei na Doll
3. Nisemono no Yoru ni Chikae Hangyakusha
4. Mikan Gensou Traumerei
5. Kokui no Hourousha
6. Recollection
7. Legion
8. Shuumaku Shoukougun
9. Shinjitsu no Kaihou
10. Zankyou.


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