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Portal: No Escape

A short movie set in the Portal Universe has come to my attention and to the other Portal fans.

I never imagined that a concept of Valve will appear in a live-action production.

Portal: No Escape is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and it’s quite intense. The heroine wakes up and realizes that she is being held captive. Nothing to do around other than keeping your mind occupied and your body in shape. But things are about to change…

Ohh what memories brings back the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. I really need to play these games again very soon 🙂


The Longest Journey: Black Chaos

[This is a fictional story. It has been inspired by the Longest Journey game. It presents another face of the game’s story.]

Universal Mission [prologue]

Long time ago, in an ever-green land in southern Arcadia, there was a mountain inhabited by a group of people called the Dark Librarians. The scenery here was extremely beautiful. Tall trees with muscular branches carrying hundreds of energetic green leaves, colored birds singing nature’s theme, wild boars and bears, different types of plants recreating an entire universe.

The Sun here was getting brighter in the afternoon. For the Dark Librarians that was a moment of peace and wisdom. They gathered around and talked about their latest trips and the books they collected. The Noble Librarians could speak to the other librarians, giving them the latest information upon their research domain.

The book was their all-knowledge god. They believed in its pages and in the wisdom that poured out of them. These Dark people were able to use much more information that a normal human being. Their perception upon this world was different, probably more clear, therefore they were able to find the true powers of wisdom.

At first, they traveled all around the Universe, visiting realms that are not known to humans in order to observe and write down the history of all beings. After doing this, their opinion about information suddenly changed and they became interested in written words.

They discovered the treasures of Books.The idea of collecting books and creating the most complete library in the world, came after an important meeting of the Noble Dark Librarians. They decided to travel and seek for the rare and most precious books in all universe. Of course that this wasn’t an easy job but it was perfect for this nation.

The Dark Librarians knew that one day their library will be complete, but the last book will be very hard to get. As a nation of beings that believed in the greater powers of Existence. They had a legend. One girl will be able to help the Guardian defeat the Holder of the Xepoth. The Holder of the Xepoth was originally a human being, but fascinated by the powers he received in Arcadia, he wanted to achieve more and more.

The Xepoth is the Book of all knowledge, written in the Alltongue by the first Minstrum. It reflects matters like the Drai’Kin and the mysteries beyond the Divide. Also there are written essays by the most important wizards and sorcerers of that time. This book is told to be the one “that existed but it never was”. For the Dark Librarians getting this masterpiece would be the greatest honor.

But in order the do this they needed help from a girl. The Guardian of All would then be able to defeat the Holder.

[to be continued…]

Barrier [Original Poem]

Borders of boredom, nothing less than freedom,
United thoughts incapacitated by the same rhythm.
We never spoke again about that day,
We never imagined we shouldn’t say
Same things, same concepts, same mistakes
We lost to a faith that’s way too great.

Two souls that couldn’t see
You were there, I wasn’t me.
Moments in which we chose
To live it up or wait to froze.
Mindless snakes approaching to taste
Time spend with you…such a waste.

Shoujo Byou 1st Major Album – Zankyou Legion

Artist: Shoujo Byou (Mitsuki & Lico).

Album: Zankyou Legion.

Release Date: 2010.12.08.

Shoujo Byou translated as Girl Disease presents one of their best albums – Zankyou Legion. The album came in two different versions: limited and regular. What can I say? I’ve listened to it – and I just love the way instruments, lyrics and vocal effects are combined in order to create a great musical product.

It is more than a simple album – it’s a compilation of art, senses, credibility, power of wisdom and spiritual images. Narration – to create a story just like in a character song album, musical instruments that are put on top of everything. From the first song I’ve noticed a note of dramatization and I think it’s the key element that makes this product one of the best I’ve encounter so far. Great voices – used perfectly – to define with every song a little part of a greater world – one of universal musical needs. Above them – some sound effects to add a little bit of color to the whole album.


1. Shinku no Eye Eve
2. Juusan Gatsu no Fukakutei na Doll
3. Nisemono no Yoru ni Chikae Hangyakusha
4. Mikan Gensou Traumerei
5. Kokui no Hourousha
6. Recollection
7. Legion
8. Shuumaku Shoukougun
9. Shinjitsu no Kaihou
10. Zankyou.