Portal: No Escape

A short movie set in the Portal Universe has come to my attention and to the other Portal fans.I never imagined that a concept of Valve will appear in a live-action production.Portal: No Escape is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and it's quite intense. The heroine wakes up and realizes that she is being held captive.… Continue reading Portal: No Escape


The Longest Journey: Black Chaos

[This is a fictional story. It has been inspired by the Longest Journey game. It presents another face of the game's story.] Universal Mission [prologue] Long time ago, in an ever-green land in southern Arcadia, there was a mountain inhabited by a group of people called the Dark Librarians. The scenery here was extremely beautiful.… Continue reading The Longest Journey: Black Chaos

Barrier [Original Poem]

Borders of boredom, nothing less than freedom, United thoughts incapacitated by the same rhythm. We never spoke again about that day, We never imagined we shouldn't say Same things, same concepts, same mistakes We lost to a faith that's way too great. Two souls that couldn't see You were there, I wasn't me. Moments in… Continue reading Barrier [Original Poem]