Gaming 101: Enclave

What makes a person become a gamer?

This question has so many answers that I don’t know where to begin with them. My straight answer would be that a person chooses to become a gamer when he or she finally wants more abstract worlds to explore and wants to see that creativity can be very useful.

An epic fantasy conflict. Battle after battle, good versus evil, heroes and villains, everything under a single name – Starbreeze Studios’ Enclave.

Enclave tells the story of the eternal war against forces of darkness. This third person action game was meant to let the player take control of one of the two sides engaged in battle.

There are two campaigns – the Light Campaign and the Dark campaign. Each one of them tells the same story but in a different way.

Centuries ago, the Kingdom of Celenheim was invaded by the armies of the demon lord Vatar. His mission was to harness the magical powers of this land and become invincible. After a fierce battle, one of Celenheim’s heroes managed to gather all his powers and create a chasm that destroyed Vatar. But this action led to the separation of the lands and everything was about to change. After many years, time in which Vatar’s army grew impatient and the rift that separated the lands was changing – another period of conflict was about to be born.

The game is quite good, with both good and bad elements. You have a variety of heroes to choose from in each of the campaigns. I prefer for the Light campaign the Knight and for the Dark one, the Beserker.

The hack and slash action is repetitive. There is no defined strategy in winning every battle. You can use swords, crossbows, daggers and knives but you cannot try different combos or movement-attack compilations. I prefer to use Dwarven Sword and a Shield rather that to continuously use the same magical attack over and over.

Of course that Enclave is based upon a magical combat system too, but I prefer weapons instead of cheap tricks. And the same thing is available for every RPG game I play.

What I really appreciate about this game is the back-up weapon system. Practically, you can have two weapons. If your knight is equipped with a Long Sword, you can also add to your character a crossbow and so.

Before you start a mission you will be able to equip your character using the gold amount you managed to find in the previous maps.

The art-style is amazing. There are lots of scenes in which the environment is gorgeous.The structure of the game is also a bonus point. From a great menu to non-interactive cut-scenes and details about the plot to the actually game-play action, everything was designed to offer the spirit of the dark medieval combat.


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