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31 Minutes To Take Off

I do not know how many of you are into RnB…but trust me, sounds and rhythms like those, you just have to listen.

Especially with the increasing number of artists that bring new elements to this phenomenon.

But, enough of that and how about stating tha business. Right now I am listening to Mike Posner’s work.

A great voice and a nice collection of “stories” on his “31 Minutes To Takeoff” album.

You probably know the remix of “Chicka Bow Wow” [ft. Lil Wayne], so you can find here the original track along with other great songs.

My favorite is “Gone In September” [cuz September has a special place in my heart – I’m born in that month].

Other tracks like “Cooler Than Me” or “Please Don’t Go” were placed in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.

I guess that I have a thing for what is best.

Posner worked with artists like Bun B, Lil Wayne, Big Sean – offering us a new perspective upon an exotic yet classic genre and with an unbeatable musical shape.

Feel the music…live it.


Gaming 101: Half Life 2

Probably one of the best stories ever created was offered by Valve through Half Life in 1998.

A different perspective upon science, technology, war and fantasy – the one who led us into the unimaginative was no other but Gordon Freeman. This character became an icon, a hero among heroes and Valve was thinking about expanding his story with sequels to the original game.

Today we’re talking Half Life 2.

I guess that Freeman is an unwelcomed guest everywhere he goes.

Right after G-Man orders you to Rise and Shine, because the wrong man in the right place can make all the differences, you enter City 17.

Your adventure begins after you meet up with Barney and get chased by the Civil Protection. Feels like a deja vu ain’t it…

New characters along with old ones, new enemies and new exciting adventures. Half Life 2 is about…science, as we all know it. In the beginning you’ll have to visit Dr. Kleiner’s lab and use the ageless portal, now with some modifications. And of course that something must go wrong and you end up in another place than the right one. That’s’s just the way things go here with all Black Mesa personnel.

The first weapon you get is the…crowbar, the one which made the original game famous.

Most of the HL2 weapons are new concepts of the old ones. Pistol – USP Match, .357 Magnum, Shotgun – SPAS 12, Sub-Machine Gun – MP7, Crossbow and so. There are also significant changes in the enemy line. New units along with the old ones: headcrabs, zombies, barnacles, ant-lions, scanners, man-hacks, hunting-choppers, gunships and other elements.

Everything is put in order to create an extraordinary action environment. Half Life 2 is based on combat, and less on how to think your way through. Of course that are some occasions in which you can use your head to think of something useful. For example, in Route Kanal, you have many barnacles waiting on the ceilings. Using a barrel with a flammable substance can help you get rid of them.

Some different example could be the use of the Gravity Gun, to obtain a battery in order to open up a passage in Sandtraps.

Another interesting fact is being able to control ant-lions. Organize your ant-lion army and make it attack anything.

If I must describe the game in just one word – it would be awesome.

Interactive Fiction

Every time we choose to walk a bit into the unreal – choosing a fantasy world to explore, we are accepting a session of interactive fiction.

This concept was the basic of the video-game, by offering the player a chance to concoct a story just like he wanted to.

Interactive fiction is about two things: using different commands to control the character and to influence the environment. Of course that this element evolved as a part of an adventure game.

By choosing the desired continuation of the story, each one of the involved persons can contribute personally to the complexity of the story.

Interactive fiction was first represented by text-only games. Dialogues, actions and other parts of a plot were used to complete a production.

From the different types of interactive fiction we can point: – hypertext fiction [the story is non-linear, the reader can choose the way he wishes to progress with the lecture], – collaborative fiction [one story shaped by several authors], – participatory fiction [shaped only after the implication of a person].

In many games, there are put different ways to pass an obstacle, to clear a path or to complete a mission.

With the correct command, the player can easily obtain info about the action he has to complete. At first, the text adventure games were able to understand simple commands as constructions of verb-noun nature.

Later, the technological progress permitted the player to use full sentences.

From here just one step to the modern-age visual novel [which will be presented in a future article].

Interactive fiction is the perfect combination to describe how video games work in the mind of those who choose to spend their time this way. Every movement and every action is just a part of this whole concept – the one who permits us to enter a fantastic universe.

Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

When a first person shooter meets an adventure and survival horror game – we gain what is titled Penumbra Overture – the first episode of the Penumbra Trilogy.

Dark, creepy, yet classic and with style, this game is just perfect for a raining afternoon – when you want to experience something a little different.

Explore, put the pieces together, stay alive, this is your battle against a demonic force.

The story seems unusual from the beginning. You end up in an uninhabited part of Greenland, in an abandoned mine, trying to find out the truth about the disappearance of your father.

Thing is that once you are here, strange things will happen.

For example, you find out about the feral creatures that appeared out of nowhere imposing threat to the mine workers. The ugly cave spiders that became sustenance for the last survivors, the natural deposits of lysergic acid which is causing hallucinations and provokes uncontrollable behavior – that ends up with suicide.

Would you like to visit a place like that…I guess not – but the way things are presented in the game makes you to want to know more [at least this is how I felt when playing].

The environment can be used to your advantage. Block doors, set obstacles, carry objects [barrels, pieces of wood, lamps, bottles and so] or use them to hurt enemies or destroy other things. There are different puzzles to solve, but most of them are very easy [I played on Normal Mode]. For example, in the abandoned cave you have a key combination for a door. The way through it is simple, just pay attention to the notes you encounter.

As you go deep within the mine, you’ll find out that you’re not the only one in here. Meet Red, the one who will guide you through this dark journey.

He will try to explain what happened in there and help you find your way to the source of this disaster.

Of course that it won’t be easy as wild creatures like the demonic dogs will try to hunt you down.

You will discover that the construction of the mine was influenced by the discovery of an ancient artifact that offers you bits of another world – something quite hard to comprehend. This is why the player is tempted to work some more to find out what is going on.

Detail over detail you’ll finally come to see what you’ve been missing.

In just four chapters [pretty short] Penumbra Overture can establish a link between a survival horror and an intensified existential drama.


Miracle..on 1st Street

I saw this movie a few times – mostly because I felt like it had a great message to transmit – and part because some of my personal experience might have common points with the plot…

True stories are always shocking or sad…and this movie goes with the second one.

Life with unfortunate events – small personality – wrong choices – bad luck – whatever the fuck can ruin a person’s life – everything to depict and recreate the life in a slum near Seoul.

Poverty – one the movies theme is depicted by the need of a miracle that could save everyone from old people to youngsters.

And one man has that power  – even if at first it seems like he’s bringing nothing but trouble to that area.

A great story and like I said – best movies are always the ones that define reality – shit that happens everyday.

I guess I just had the most fucked up day if I cannot control my words right now. But that’s me – getting the rain when they get the sunshine. It’s cool dawg..anyway…it’s cool.