31 Minutes To Take Off

I do not know how many of you are into RnB...but trust me, sounds and rhythms like those, you just have to listen. Especially with the increasing number of artists that bring new elements to this phenomenon. But, enough of that and how about stating tha business. Right now I am listening to Mike Posner's… Continue reading 31 Minutes To Take Off


Interactive Fiction

Every time we choose to walk a bit into the unreal - choosing a fantasy world to explore, we are accepting a session of interactive fiction. This concept was the basic of the video-game, by offering the player a chance to concoct a story just like he wanted to. Interactive fiction is about two things:… Continue reading Interactive Fiction

Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

When a first person shooter meets an adventure and survival horror game - we gain what is titled Penumbra Overture - the first episode of the Penumbra Trilogy. Dark, creepy, yet classic and with style, this game is just perfect for a raining afternoon - when you want to experience something a little different. Explore,… Continue reading Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

Miracle..on 1st Street

I saw this movie a few times - mostly because I felt like it had a great message to transmit - and part because some of my personal experience might have common points with the plot... True stories are always shocking or sad...and this movie goes with the second one. Life with unfortunate events -… Continue reading Miracle..on 1st Street